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Noget for alle

Vi har samarbejdet med verdens førende sociale iværksættere, for at give dig utallige måder at forbedre dit samfund på
  • Refill Ireland

    Preventing plastic bottle waste by making free tap water easily obtainable

  • Getting Started - KIT

    Help older people to improve their digital literacy skills and to stay connected and informed

  • EasyPeasy for Practitioners

    Discover the power to create lasting impact in the lives of young learners and their families through EasyPeasy

  • Pop Up Museum

    Bring people together in conversation through stories, art, and objects.

  • STEAM In A Box

    STEAM-In-A-Box programmes are fun, creative, curriculum-linked programmes inspiring primary school children (and teachers!) to love STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths)!

  • The Way We Were

    Bringing young and old together through living history

  • Better Block Parklet

    Expand public or private space with these digitally fabricated parklets.

  • Vægmalerier for lokalsamfund

    Anvend vægmaleri til at opbygge og udvikle kreative fællesskaber

  • Green Home

    With tips, advice and the Green Home survey, we have made it easy for you to “green” your home.

  • Walking School Bus - Ireland

    Organise a Walking School Bus: A healthier, more fun way to get to and from school.

  • The Daily Mile

    Children Fit For Life

  • Grow Remote

    We're on a mission to make remote employment visible and available in local communities, regardless of location

  • Playground Ideas

    Build a playground wherever you are, using local tools, materials, and skills

  • Bike Library

    A Bike Library is a bike sharing scheme for families to promote a shift towards sustainable transport.

  • EasyPeasy-forældregruppe

    Start din egen EasyPeasy-forældregruppe, for at samle venner og familie i dit lokalsamfund, så i kan dele forældretips, ideer og legeinspiration

  • CycleBus

    Promote active travel by bike for school children by starting a Cycle Bus in your local community.

  • Books for Bright Futures

    Get beautiful Book Dash books (in English/any other official South African language) to children in your community to support their health and happiness and build their future -- all you have to do is send our book files to a copy shop or printer and they will do the rest!

  • Community Host Programme

    The Open Community engages and supports people in Ireland to welcome refugees into their local communities.

  • Fighting Words

    Unleash the creative potential of kids in your local community

  • Large Community Pocket Forest

    Large urban forests of native species where biodiverse habitats are created above and below ground.

  • AsIAm

    Responding to Covid-19 with support and resources for the autism community

  • Kitcamp

    Children build their own imaginative play spaces and then rebuild and start again

  • Leg med tillid

    Playing With Trust er et meget unikt brætspil/digitalt spil, som opfordre til brug af offentlige rum som legepladser

  • Reimagine Cork

    A community effort focused on transforming laneways, urban green spaces and derelict buildings

  • Trade School

    Create an alternative learning community to share skills and talents in your community.

  • Welcome Dinner

    Welcome new arrivals with dinner in your community. Join a welcoming movement built around food, language and social interaction.

  • FIRST® LEGO® League Discover (IRL/UK)

    Lead a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programme in your school or community for 4-6 year-olds.

  • Small Pocket Forest

    Plant a Pocket Forest of 25sqm (5mx5m) in your garden, community or school.

  • Foróige Club

    Empower young people in your community to be the best that they can be

  • Walks and Talks

    An annual series of walks and talks aimed at connecting us more closely with our community and our place

  • Conscious Cup Communities

    Reducing coffee cup waste by engaging businesses

  • Playful Street

    A low cost and easy way to create play spaces so children and neigbours can fully enjoy the streets they live on


    Gør hverdags steder til legepladser, gennem Play Everywhere.

  • Plastic Free 4 Kids

    Empower the kids in your primary school to become plastic free ambassadors in your local community.

  • Open Orchard

    Organiser en åben frugtplantage for at bringe folk sammen, give gratis frugt til lokale beboere og gøre vores bymiljøer grønne.

  • SOUP

    Host a regular micro-granting dinner to celebrate and support creative projects in your community.

  • Sew Change

    Community Mask Making Project - Assisting people that own a sewing machine to make masks for the must vulnerable in our communities

  • Playworks

    Leverage evidence-based play strategies to transform the culture of your recess, classroom, or youth program!

  • ReCreate

    Creativity through Reuse

  • Teachmeet Ireland

    Educators coming together to share passion and inspire excellence

  • Irish Community Rapid Response

    Help volunteer doctors in your community to save lives.

  • Peace First

    Equip young people with the skills and commitment to solve problems with courage, compassion and collaboration

  • AsIAm for Schools

    A secondary school programme engaging students in becoming more autism aware and friendly

  • FIRST® LEGO® League Explore (IRL/UK)

    Lead a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programme in your school or community for 6-9 year-olds.

  • TechSpace

    Inspiring digital creators, inventors and makers with technology

  • Fáilte Isteach

    Welcome migrants and refugees to your community through conversational English classes

  • FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge (IRL/UK)

    Lead a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programme in your school or community for 9-16 year-olds.

  • Tales-værktøjskasse

    Interaktivt, børnestyret historiefortællingsværktøj til skoler, som transformerer hverdagssituationer til fantasifulde verdener.

  • Through A Woman's Eyes

    An art show in which female-identifying artists are the center of the event.

  • Community Games

    Provide more opportunities for kids in your area to live a healthy and active lifestyle

  • parkHIIT

    Free 30-minute weekly resistance exercise workouts for a mix of ages and backgrounds

  • Climate Action Toolkit

    Supporting secondary school students and teachers to engage and collaborate with their whole school community on climate action.

  • Repair Café

    Organiser et gratis mødested i dit lokalsamfund, for at reparere ting i stedet for at smide dem ud.

  • CoderDojo

    Teach kids in your community to code in a fun and collaborative environment

  • Generation Citizen

    Teach teens how to work with local leaders and take effective political action to fix local problems.

  • Nüdel Kart

    Gør kreativitet, STEM og velvære til topprioriteter ved at forvandle ethvert rum til en kreativ legeplads, med løst legetøj for 3-12-årige.

  • FreshWater Watch

    Empowering communities as citizen scientists to understand and protect local freshwater bodies

  • parkrun

    Free weekly timed runs in your local community

  • Sick of Plastic

    Empowering communities to take action on single-use plastics

  • Pollinator Plan

    Support biodiversity in your local community with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

  • GIY

    Get together with people in your community and share the joy of growing your own food.

  • Let Grow Play Club

    Start din egen Play Club og føl kraften af selvstændig leg!

  • Street Feast

    A lovely lunch with your neighbours

  • 121digital

    Digital natives share skills with adults crossing digital and generational divides

  • Poetry in the Park

    Organize a regular community gathering in your local area to celebrate a love of the written or spoken word.

  • The GreenPlan

    Empowering society to tackle climate change

  • Cyber Safe Ireland

    Book an in-school workshop with Cyber Safe Ireland to help children use technology in a safe, positive and successful manner.

  • Cycling Without Age

    Start en afdeling af Cycling Without Age i dit lokalsamfund, og giv flere mennesker mulighed for at mærke vinden i håret.

  • WeCount Project

    Monitor traffic and air pollution in your local community and use the data to create healthier and more sustainable communities.

  • The Last Plastic Straw

    Start a grassroots campaign to reduce and eliminate wasteful plastic straws from our communities.

  • Urban Thinkscape

    Forvandl et offentligt rum i dit lokalsamfund, til en glædelig læringsmulighed.

  • GROW at School

    Teaching kids the lifelong skill of growing their own food

  • Map My Day

    Organise an event to map the accessibility of public places in your community and raise awareness of the topic

  • Legedag

    En legende begivenhed i lokalsamfund, der hylder de færdigheder, ressourcer og personligheder, der er iboende for de mennesker, der bor og leger der.

Tilgængelige midler i nærheden af dig

Vi er gået sammen med partnere for at give den finansiering, du har brug for, for at bringe effektfulde projekter til dit samfund