Are you passionate about environmental issues like green living, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, fighting climate change or food waste? Here are proven social innovations that can help you to address these issues in your local community.
  • Eco Beo

    Transform your local landscape into an outdoor classroom and create a unique learning experience for kids in your school

  • Open Orchard

    Connecting communities through fruit and fruit trees in public places

  • The Last Plastic Straw

    A grassroots movement to eliminate plastic straws from our communities

  • Local Explorers

    An annual series of walks and talks aimed at connecting us more closely with our community and our place

  • Sick of Plastic

    Empowering communities to take action on single-use plastics

  • Repair Café

    Free meeting places, all about repairing things together

  • The GreenPlan

    Tackling climate change through behavioural change

  • Slow Food

    Connect the pleasure of food with a commitment to your community and environment

  • Community Fridge

    Share good food that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Refill Ireland

    Preventing plastic bottle waste by making free tap water easily obtainable

  • ReCreate

    Creativity through Reuse

  • Conscious Cup Communities

    Reducing coffee cup waste by engaging businesses

  • Plastic Free 4 Schools

    Schools as ambassadors for plastic free communities

  • Stop Food Waste Challenge

    Helping householders to reduce food waste

  • GIY

    Get together with people in your community and share the joy of growing your own food

  • Green Home

    With tips, advice and the Green Home survey, we have made it easy for you to “green” your home.