LIVE: Utmaningar och projekt nära dig Tillämpa
LIVE: Utmaningar och projekt nära dig Tillämpa


Do you believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and fulfilled life and to contribute to society no matter what their age? Here are some proven social innovations that can help you to create a healthier and more inclusive community.
  • Fáilte Isteach

    Welcome migrants to your community through conversational English classes

  • 121digital

    Digital natives share skills with adults crossing digital and generational divides

  • The Way We Were

    Bringing young and old together through living history

  • Cykling utan ålder

    Starta upp Cykling utan ålder i ditt samhälle och ge fler människor chansen att känna vinden i håret.

  • Getting Started - KIT

    Help older people to improve their digital literacy skills and to stay connected and informed