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€50,000 | Ireland
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Choose an idea from the portfolio below to start in your community, and we’ll give you the information, tools, support and funding to get started.

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Apply for grant funding for a new or existing project that you or your organisation has designed or already started in your community.

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Proven ideas and funding for your community

The ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund aims to accelerate global decarbonisation efforts by supporting impactful projects in Ireland. Interested applicants can apply for funding to launch new projects, expand existing projects or introduce one of two established community programmes (included below) with proven positive impact in other communities.

How it works
  • Submit an application for one of the projects below or your own decarbonisation project.
  • If allocated funding, complete a number of simple steps to receive funding.
  • Use your project page to post updates and photos.
  • Let us know what impact your project has in your community.
Who can apply
  • Your project will take place in Ireland.
  • You are applying on behalf of or in partnership with a legally registered nonprofit organisation or a school.
  • You are passionate about having a positive social and environmental impact in your community.
What you get
  • Funding to start your selected idea.
  • Free starter resource pack, technology tools, and support to get started.
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social impact of your active project.

Explore ideas

Choose an idea to start in your community. See terms & conditions.

Apply with a new or existing project

Have your own idea or existing project? Explore the terms and challenge criteria, then submit your own project for funding.

Applications for new or existing projects close on 31 May, 2024.

At ServiceNow, we are deeply committed to making the world work better for everyone. Through the ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund, we are proud to invest in organizations focusing on decarbonization in our local communities, helping move us all towards a more sustainable future.

Edua Dickerson
VP, ESG & Finance Strategy, ServiceNow