Call for solutions: What are Ireland’s grassroots responses to COVID 19?

As healthcare workers lead the way in responding to the unfolding crisis, we want to help mobilise a mass community response. We all have a role to play. Together, we can ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community are met, we can help each other to sustain health and wellbeing as we keep our distance and ultimately, we can emerge from this with stronger, healthier and more sustainable communities. We’re looking for great ideas and community leaders across Ireland so that we can help to scale what’s working to every community.

Initially, we’re looking to scale ideas in the following two areas:

  1. Building a grassroots emergency response to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities including elderly, those who are isolating, and healthcare workers.
  2. Maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone as we keep our distance.

Right now, we’re focused on the next 3 months. In this timeframe and beyond, we anticipate new challenges – we may update these themes over the course of the coming weeks in response to the needs and priorities that emerge. This is a collaborative effort of social innovators and community leaders across the country. Our aim is to provide a centralised hub of community action and to track and measure the impact of each project through the ChangeX platform. 


  • Your project solves an important problem aligned with one of the two themes above.
  • Your project has the potential to replicate in hundreds of communities across the country between April & June 2020 at a household, neighbourhood or community level through the mobilisation of families, volunteers, chapters of volunteers or local community organisations.
  • Your project can deliver measurable impact through the ChangeX platform.
  • Your project has a strong and committed leader and team ready to bring this project to scale.


Here is how this will work:

  1. Complete the application form below.
  2. We’ll review all applications against the criteria outlined above within one week of application.
  3. If there is potential for us to work together, we’ll progress to video call to discuss your project plan in more detail.
  4. If there’s a fit, your project will be packaged and scaled through the ChangeX platform.
  5. Funding will be allocated at a HQ and/or local community level depending on the nature of the idea and financial resources required

Complete the Application Form here


Photo Credits: Alex Sheridan (2015)

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