Are you homeschooling right now? Social Innovators are offering solutions during COVID-19

The coming weeks will give us all a chance to show how creative we really are. We’re all redesigning our daily lives, our businesses and our community work, adapting to the challenges arising from living with COVID-19.

Many of our ChangeX idea partners have reacted quickly to the new needs arising in our  stay-at-home communities. We’ve gathered some of these ideas to help you design your daily schedule.

Please let us know what you’re doing now to keep the family and community healthy and connected. We’d love to share more solutions with the wider community over the coming weeks. [email protected] 

ReCreate can help you with your art lesson

More than 300 people have signed up to ReCreate in recent days, joining a community of parents and educators who want to get creative with reused items. While the Warehouse of Wonders is currently closed, you can get a ReUse toolkit delivered instead and join creative online sessions via Facebook Live and YouTube for getting creative with the kids at home.

Dabbledoo Music can help with your music lesson

Dabbledoo Music offers online resources to help kids learn music. Due to the current situation they’ve decided to give parents free access to their resources to have “musical fun at home”.

Playworks can help you stay active 

Playworks is an evidence-based program to make break time in schools more inclusive and engaging for children, and play is at the centre of it. That’s why there’s probably no better place to find the best games for any situation. Playworks will help you through the days with daily game suggestions.

Also join the community and share how you are playing at home with the Hashtags  #PlayAtHome #PlayworksAtHome

You could also think about doing the Daily Mile at home with your kids.

Fighting Words can help you with creative writing 

Fighting Words has been at the heart of building a movement of young creative writers in Ireland for many years now. With a little encouragement, coming in the form of a deadline, they are inviting primary and secondary school children to submit their stories based on some guidelines. Stories can also be submitted in Irish, so feel free to turn this into an Irish lesson also! can help you with coding lessons 

With you can now give weekly coding lessons. The non-profit, similarly to CoderDojo, is on a mission to make sure that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science.

Some of you might want to take the opportunity yourself, to learn more about the beauty of programming. In the end, it’s code that’s keeping us all so engaged and connected right now, so what better time to learn how to build!

Mindfulness Matters can help you calm down in between lessons

Teaching mindfulness in classrooms has been a positive trend in Ireland and across the world for a few years now. Mindfulness Matters has been heading up many workshops around Ireland. To bring some of that home, check out their resources which will give you ideas for some simple exercises in mindfulness suited for children. Like “Stretch and Smile” or the “Worry Box”. Doesn’t all of this sound particularly useful right now?

GIY can help you with some growing lessons

GIY sadly had to put up the chairs in their amazing Grow HQ café in Waterford for the next while: GIY groups, of course, can’t meet up in person but it’s the perfect time to start growing at home and the GIY team are fully focused on helping you do just that. They’ve put all their best resources in one place and will give away the relevant chapter of their wonderful books for free each month. There has never been a better time to join the GIY community and get growing.

Share the home growing love with the hashtag  #SeedsTheDay



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