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Rooted in Cheyenne "We've teamed up with ChangeX to bring the opportunity to plant trees to more households across Cheyenne. Find out here how we can support you to plant trees in your neighborhood. " - Mark Ellison, Founder of Rooted in Cheyenne

5 Steps

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It'll take a couple of hours to plant your trees and look after them over time.

Decide to use your time at home to plant a tree that will benefit your neighborhood

We're all spending a lot of time at home right now so why not use this time to do something that will have a benefit for many years to come. Planting more trees here in Cheyenne is not only good for the environment but it gives you the chance to get outside, do something positive and make your neighborhood look better, benefitting both you and your neighbors.

Identify Planting Locations

Planting locations must be in the city of Cheyenne. Planting locations can include, public right-of-ways (street trees) . Watch this video to learn more:

This project is typically designed to include 1-2 trees so keep that in mind as you identify a suitable space.

Planting will take place on June 12th. Once you've completed the steps in your 30 Day Challenge, you'll be connected with the Rooted in Cheyenne team who will help you get everything organized ahead of planting day, including the species of tree, the exact planting location and how you'll plant and look after the tree.

Complete the Application Process

By signing up here on ChangeX, you can get access to two free trees as well as a small amount of funding ($50) to cover the cost of mulch or any other small costs you might incur in getting ready to plant your tree and maintain it an ongoing basis.

Here is the link to complete the application process

To complete the process, you'll need to:

  1. Watch a Welcome Video
  2. Invite family members or neighbors to help
  3. Have a quick call with the ChangeX team
  4. Fill in your order details
  5. Share a photo of your planting location

Once you've completed these steps, your seed funding will be released and the Rooted in Cheyenne team will co-ordinate your tree delivery & planting.

Plant your tree

Tree planting will take place on June 12th. The Rooted in Cheyenne team will co-ordinate with you to make sure that everything is ready to go and to discuss the species of tree that might work , the time etc. They'll deliver the tree to you and you can complete the planting, along with your family members or neighbors. Each tree is specially chosen to suit our area, and makes a beautiful and unique addition to Cheyenne’s existing tree canopy.

Check out the tree planting guide in the resources section

Maintain the new and existing trees

After planting, the Rooted in Cheyenne team will work to ensure the trees remain healthy but it makes sense to have your neighborhood group of volunteers also watching out for the trees to ensure that they become established and thrive. A city tree must battle many urban hazards daily — from air pollution and bicycles to dogs and people. Here are some of the things to think about in the 3 years following a tree planting.

Watering is the MOST important thing you can do for your new tree! Watering trees during the first few years will help guarantee that your tree will grow to maturity. Due to compaction and pollution, urban soil is hydrophobic and difficult to penetrate.

  • Water each young tree with 15 - 20 gallons once a week between May and October. That’s three to four large buckets.
  • Water slowly so the water penetrates the soil and does not run off.
  • Bottle