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Select social innovations that you want to seed in the regions you care about. We’ll find and support local leaders, you pay only for impact realised and track the impact live

Step 1: Select Region & Ideas

Select one or more regions where you’d like to see social impact. Then select the themes you’re most passionate about e.g. education, environment etc. Finally, pick your preferred a portfolio of ideas from within those themes


Step 2: Set a Goal

Decide how many replications of the ideas you’d like to see e.g. 25 coding clubs. Or how much you’d like to donate e.g. €25,000

Note: Contributions are typically tax deductible


Step 3: Buy Impact

Each new replication costs €1,000 which is shared between ChangeX, the social innovator and the local group. You pay upfront and we’ll pay you back in full for any replications not realised.


Step 4: Track Impact

Once your order is activated, we start a search for relevant leaders - you can track progress live on your ChangeX news feed - you’ll see applications, activated groups, impact stories, data reports and a map with your portfolio.


Track Your Impact Live on Your Phone

See exactly how your money is being spent and when and how it is having an impact locally.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    See all the performance data related to your portfolio in one place.

  • Live Impact Feed

    Receive a live feed of stories, data, photos and updates from the communities you are funding.

  • Automated Reporting

    Get instant notifications of impact milestones on ChangeX and monthly email reports to your inbox.

  • Impact Map

    Visually see your impact growing on your personal impact map.

  • Visit Local Pages

    Visit local group pages you are funding to see latest activities and progress in communities.

  • Chat to Local Changemakers

    Chat directly to the local changemakers taking action in communities to learn more about their work.

Case Studies

Mike Lee

"Good ideas really have no borders: We're eager to explore how the ChangeX platform can help people tap into innovative solutions to improve their own communities in the U.S."

Karabi Acharya
Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Mike Lee

"What I love about ChangeX is the scaleability - It has the potential to spread thousands of ideas for improving societies across the world - our investment is highly leveraged with the opportunity to help millions of people."

Mike Lee
Founder & CEO, My Fitness Pal

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