Why Host a Welcome Dinner?

Have you ever felt that you want to be part of something big? Something that makes a real and lasting impact on your community, on your country?

Often, what holds us back from acting on that feeling is the belief that we lack the resources or the power to make any meaningful change – we don’t have time, we don’t have the contacts.

Welcome Dinners provides a very easy and enjoyable way to make a change in society today, to work towards a more inclusive, more understanding community. The concept is simple; invite a newly-arrived immigrant to your home for dinner. Nothing elaborate, just a meal that you’d normally eat. Sit down, chat, get to know about each other’s cultures, share some food, have a drink, and that’s about it!


Almost all participants – both guests and hosts who have taken part in this exciting movement Europe-wide have said they feel that by taking part, they are working towards a more inclusive society for all. They say they have a greater understanding of the other culture – their views and their way of life. Those who have hosted dinners feel that they’re doing their part to make their community a place where everyone feels welcome and at home, while the newly arrived migrants feel more welcome and feel that they are integrating into their new country.

Get involved in the ChangeX Welcome Dinner campaign in Ireland by clicking here

Imagine if everyone in your community hosted a dinner for a newly-arrived migrant? Imagine the difference it would make in creating a society where everyone feels included, where everyone is respected? Where everyone can work to create a more enjoyable, comfortable and interesting society for ourselves and our future.

ChangeX can put you in touch with migrants who would like to be a guest at an Irish dinner table. Then all you need to do is set a date, set a time, and cook a meal. It’s that simple.

Together with United Invitations (Sweden), ChangeX launched a ‘Welcome Dinners’campaign in Ireland. To find out more about how to get involved as either a host or an attendee visit (this link) or www.changex.org/unitedinvitations.

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