GirlTrek – what’s it all about?

“It’s more than a walk! It’s a health revival. A stress protest. A community resurrection. An opportunity to meet a new friend, work up a sweat, and have someone cheer you on.”

GirlTrek is one of the US’s most inspiring health movements that encourages African American women to make change in their communities through walking…and now this life-changing movement is coming to Minneapolis!


With the US facing a health crisis, African American women are among the most severely affected. Eighty-two percent of African-American women are overweight and fifty-nine percent are obese in the US. These disproportionate figures are due mainly to inactivity, where Black women take little or no leisure time exercise. GirlTrek aims to encourage Black women to take their health and futures into their own hands.

This is no ordinary health group, though. The difference with GirlTrek is how it inspires its members to achieve great things, and that’s through looking back at Black history to see health in the broader civil rights perspective.
Founded in 2012 in Washington DC, GirlTrek was set up by friends T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison who, exasperated at the lack of solutions on a community level to the obesity levels among the women in their community, decided to do something about it themselves.

To date, GirlTrek has inspired nearly 75,000 women in 35 states to start walking and 7,000 of those women report moderate to intense daily walking for three or more consecutive months. In addition, over 200,000 social media supporters use #GirlTrek to share tailored-health content daily.

Girl Trek’s goal is to have 1,000,000 women walking by 2018. Join them today by starting or joining a team in your neighborhood by signing up on here (click link).

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