The #ChangeX2016 Proclamation – Together We Can ChangeX

One of the first highlights of the Ireland2016 Centenary Programme has been taking place in schools all across Ireland today. March 15 has been marked as “Proclamation Day” within the Ireland2016 celebrations giving a chance to everyone in the education sector to organise events to celebrate the present and imagine the future together.

One activity lots of schools joined today was the reading of the 1916 Proclamation and a Proclamation written by students expressing how they reimagine the future of Ireland.

Education being one of the key fields where social innovations are making a huge difference and as an area that plays a mayor role for the ChangeX community we’ve decided to join the Proclamation Day celebrations today with ChangeX and to write our ChangeX2016 Proclamation.

Together We Can ChangeX

At the same time we’re setting a new goal for ChangeX that we’ll only be able to achieve if you join us: During the next 100 days we’d like to support 2016 people to bring new proven ideas to their communities that make a difference and to join the existing chapters of GIY groups, Fàilte Isteach classes, Men’s Sheds, Fighting Words groups and much more to make most of the great initiatives that are already out there.

The ChangeX2016 Proclamation

We envision an Ireland and world where every community thrives.

Where everyone can first and foremost satisfy their basic needs.
Where there is abundant opportunity to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.
Where there are strong connections between people in communities that are inclusive of everyone.
Where people have every opportunity to learn, to work and to achieve their potential.
We pursue all of this in respectful partnership with the natural environment.

We achieve our vision by powering everyone with the ideas, networks and technology they need.
We track our collective progress using the social progress index.

We commit the best of ourselves to nurturing a movement in pursuit of this vision,
And we sincerely hope you will join us.

If you’d like to join us please just sign up to ChangeX and give this Proclamation your virtual signature by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook or with your friends and colleagues. Please let us know your view in the comments below.

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