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Focus Climate Change

Improve the carbon footprint of your community

As COP21, the UN Climate Summit in Paris approaches, we’re highlighting ways that each of us can take action locally to fight climate change, build awareness of a sustainable lifestyle and play an active role in reducing the carbon footprint of our communities. Here, you can find proven social innovations that you can bring to your community or join as a volunteer.

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ChangeX is a platform of proven innovations for anyone who wants to strengthen their community. ChangeX allows you to discover proven ideas and provides all the information and support you need to join or start these ideas in your local community. We make it easy for you!

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Whatever your passion: Health, education, inclusion, the environment… Discover proven social innovations you can bring to your community. Join existing community projects or get new ones started with the help of ChangeX.

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We support you in starting innovations from the ChangeX network and we'll help you to build your team, spread the word and get the resources you need. You’ll get step-by-step guides, access to a mentor network and online tools like your own website on changex.org.

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  • "The support of ChangeX really made a difference in turning a nice idea into some real action."
    Rachel Hilliard , Changemaker
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    Brendan Dunford , Change Leader
  • "As a Social Entrepreneur you have to be on changex.org if you really want to change the world."
    James Whelton , Social Entrepreneur
Join the ChangeX community of to date 2479 people.