New on the ChangeX team – Terence wants to see more great ideas scale and survive

This week we welcomed Terence Rooney to ChangeX. He will be working with our impact team for four months. Terence studies Global Business at DCU and has found his passion for social entrepreneurship while working with the Enactus society. Here he shares what got him interested in scaling ideas and community issues. 

Why did you join ChangeX?

I joined ChangeX because I realised its value from the moment I read about it first. Having worked in social entrepreneurship at a student level, our two main struggles were scaling and sustaining our social projects. ChangeX gives us a platform to do these things and the more I kept reading about ChangeX, its impact so far and its plans for the future the more I wanted to be a part of that. With ChangeX, I can help enable positive change in communities around the world.

What’s an idea on ChangeX you would like to see in your community or start yourself?

Slow Food is a project that I would love to see in my community. I have a passion for cooking tasty, healthy food and I don’t think enough people know how easy and enjoyable it is to make. Combining this with knowledge of where their food comes from and its ethics, communities grow closer together and make a positive impact on the environment.

What is an idea you’d like to see on ChangeX? 

We’ve had so many ideas in Enactus that really could have done with a platform like ChangeX to keep them sustained. One idea that has caught my eye is CityWise Education in Tallaght. I really think this idea could empower young people in communities around Ireland to realise their potential and empower them to create healthy habits in their lives.

What is an issue area that you’d like to do something about?

An area of Irish society that really strikes a chord with me is people living in direct provision. This archaic and inhumane system disenfranchises people seeking asylum in Ireland and their living conditions are hard to believe in some places. I also think there are so many things one can do to help people living in direct provision integrate into our society.

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