Playing – The Fun Way to Battle Childhood Obesity in Ireland

Childhood obesity is a major public health crisis nationally and internationally, with an estimated 300,000 children in Ireland now overweight or obese.

Taking on Childhood Obesity – Game by Game

Having more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years, bad food choices and a lack of exercise are at the heart of the problem. But a fun yard time program, Playworks, is helping to fight the battle by making exercise fun and inclusive.

Founded by Jill Vialet, Playworks supports learning by providing safe and healthy play to schools during breaks and throughout the school day. Playworks creates inclusive environments for play and physical activity both within and beyond the school day to build empathy, increase learning, and improve behaviour, with research showing essential benefits to child development, an improved school climate and more focused students.

Playworks…Fighting Obesity in Ireland

In addition to the exercise that takes place during the Playworks session, making exercise fun also increases the chances that kids will be encouraged to play more when they go home. They’re learning that exercise can make them feel great and full of energy, fostering a love of exercise that often stays with children well into adulthood.

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