14-year-old CoderDojo Whizz on Why he Loves to Code

Fourteen-year-old Alan Panayotov from Ballincollig in Cork joined one of the country’s first CoderDojos, and since then, has helped to establish other Dojos, including one in his old primary school. He is currently a member of CoderDojo Zero and CoderDojo IBM.
Alan Panayotov, CoderDojo Member
Alan Panayotov, CoderDojo Member

Getting Started in CoderDojo Cork

I was interested in computers from the age of 6, and so my mum searched for any child-friendly clubs, but there was nothing available. I was 9 when I first went to CoderDojo, and it was no surprise that I loved it!

CoderDojo – the Benefits

“CoderDojo has greatly improved my communication and mathematical skills, as well as improving my ability to work in a team. CoderDojo also sped up my learning process and techniques, while teaching me to share my knowledge in a way that people could understand and enjoy. Thanks to CoderDojo, I’ve gained connections to many successful inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as access to the latest innovations in technology.

Fueling Creativity through CoderDojo

“I recommend that children get involved as young as possible so that they can learn vital skills that will greatly benefit them in the future. CoderDojo can help fuel children’s creative thinking – so it’s not just important for computers, but also for every aspect of their lives.”

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