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The GreenPlan "Welcome to The Green Plan on ChangeX. We want to improve the quality of life and wellbeing on Earth for present and future generations by helping your community take clear and impactful actions to tackle climate change. This guide is designed to provide you with an introduction and the basic framework you need to get started in your community. I'll be here to support you on the way so don't be afraid to get in touch!" - Neil McCabe, Founder of The GreenPlan

5 Steps

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Getting The Green Plan up and running locally will need approximately 3 hours a week of the leader's time.

Complete the Course

The first step is to complete The GreenPlan Champion for Communities Online Course. This course will teach you how a community can save money, reduce carbon and help society by joining The GreenPlan.

This free course will be of great interest to communities that wish to do their part in tackling climate change and save money in the process.

To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments.


Having completed this course you will be able to:

-Identify the need for The GreenPlan in society.

-Discuss the origins of The GreenPlan.

- Discuss the benefits of The GreenPlan.

- Describe The GreenPlan system.

- Discuss the seven themes of The GreenPlan.

- Discuss the two core principles of The GreenPlan.

- Describe the steps to implement The GreenPlan in the community.

Build your team and Hold a kick off meeting

In order to successfully implement The GreenPlan locally you'll need a strong, committed and passionate team. As someone who is committed to creating a more sustainable community, you probably know others that are too?

These may be your friends or colleagues but get a few people on board from the very start to make the journey both easier and more fun.

Similar to the local leader, team members should be:

  1. Strong team players
  2. Respected within the community
  3. Capable of ensuring widespread support for The GreenPlan in the community
  4. Someone you enjoy working with

Where The GreenPlan has been most successful it has had full buy in from all sectors of the community - business, community and local council. Don't forget to take this into account when building your team.

Once you've built your core team, the next step will be to hold a kick off meeting with all of your key stakeholders. These will include local environmental groups, Tidy Towns Committees, local council representatives and local businesses and anyone that you think can contribute in a positive way to helping you get started with The GreenPlan.


Venue - pick somewhere central & convenient Invites - make a list of key stakeholders and ensure they're all invited. Tea & Coffee - always makes a meeting more enjoyable. The GreenPlan Team / Mentor - we can arrange for someone from The GreenPlan or your Mentor to come along just let us know in plenty of time.

The purpose of this meeting will be to introduce the concept of The GreenPlan and why you think it can make a difference to your local area, give people a chance to understand what's involved and the role that they can play.

Someone from The GreenPlan team can come along to this meeting if you wish or if you'd rather keep it local that's fine too but speaking to your mentor or The GreenPlan team in advance will be helpful.

We'll also provide you with Stakeholder Surveys that should be distributed and completed at this meeting.

Select your flagship building

Selecting your flagship building will be the first key decision you make as a team. This may be a very straight forward decision for you if there is a building that's a natural option e.g. your office space. For others, it will be more difficult as you'll need full buy in from the owners or operators of the building and full access to the consumption data for the building. The potential cost savings will be the most powerful selling point when trying to get buy in from a potential building.


This decision will be key to the success of The GreenPlan in your town so now might be a good time to arrange a call with someone from The GreenPlan team to advise you either in person or over the phone on the best type of building.

For example, in Mulranny, the flagship building was the Tourism Office and once The Green Plan was implemented here, they moved onto other areas of the town.

Decide on a project per theme

There is an interlocking holistic system built around The GreenPlan framework that identifies the actions to be taken per Theme and how each Theme affects each other. The end result is lower energy consumption, less carbon emission production, a shared responsibility for the environment; including behavioural change and a sense of well being.

Choosing one or two projects per theme and allocating responsibility to a different person within the group for each one will get you on your way.


Once you complete the online course you will have access to download further resources which will provide all the information you need on the projects and suggested actions. There are also additional resources available to help you design an awareness campaign and track your progress.

Once you've looked through all of the themes, questions and suggested actions, you can sit down with your team and your GreenPlan mentor who can help you amend this and make it as appropriate as possible for your particular building or organisation.

Awareness building & tracking progress

Once you have your plan in place, building awareness and tracking progress will be really important . In your flagship building, ensuring that everyone is aware of the actions you've chosen to take and that results are communicated clearly and regularly is also very important.

The additional resources provided when you complete the online course will help you design an awareness campaign and track your progress.

Further down the line, when you've completed your actions for each of the themes in Step 4, you can explore further accredition options with The GreenPlan team similar to the village of Mulranny in Co. Mayo.