ChangeX is currently focused on social innovations that help create more welcoming, inclusive and integrated communities as part of our 'Ireland Welcomes' series.
  • Welcome Dinner

    Welcome new arrivals with dinner in your community. Join a welcoming movement built around food, language and social interaction.

  • Sambusa Sunday

    Community gatherings to build bridges and overcome division

  • World Savvy

    Global competence teaching and learning for your classroom

  • Men's Shed

    Provide a space in your community where men can find meaning, friendship and belonging

  • Repair CafĂ© US

    Free meeting places, all about repairing things together

  • Welcoming Week

    Build Common Ground in Your Community by Hosting a Welcoming Week Event - Sept. 14-23, 2018

  • Welcome In

    Welcome immigrants to your community through conversational English classes

  • Poetry in the Park

    A community gathering in a local park to celebrate a love of the written or spoken word