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Make creativity , STEM and well being top priorities by transforming any space into a creative, loose parts, play space for 3-12 year olds.


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Nüdel Kart


Nüdel Kart "" - - Marcus Veerman, Founder & CEO of Playground Ideas

5 Steps

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The Nüdel Kart will take less than 2 hours to construct. Once they are built they can be easily moved from classroom to classroom, or any suitable outdoor and indoor space for that matter. There is no set limit but we believe schools should have open-ended child directed activity and creativity based curriculum teaching everyday. In our experience 1.5 hours is the ideal session time but we have seen children engage for over 3 hours with the Nüdel Kart.

Get community buy-in and the right people around the table

Ensure that the people you work with or the key community members you want to benefit from the NudelKart are on board and supportive of the idea. If you're in a school or an early learning centre, this might be your colleagues or parents. If you're in a community setting, it may be neighbours , parents or kids. Bring them together to tell them more about it, why you're excited about it and why you think it'll be impactful for the kids you want to engage.

Find a location

Are there multiple schools, kindergartens or other early learning centres that could benefit from a portable loose parts play kart? Maybe you're already part of an organisation or you need to find one but share a little about the Kart and the benefits you think it can bring to the organisation and the kids in that organisation. You could share a video that shows kids and the Kart in action to really bring it to life.

Build momentum

A big part of building momentum for the idea is to get more people on board and to build excitement bout the idea.

The Nüdel Kart is a robust and valuable community tool. You'll need to find someone to take responsibility for the ownership, training and maintenance of the kart. This could be one person or a team of people - think about what makes most sense in your community.

Fundraise & purchase the kart

As part of the Community Play Challenges on ChangeX, you may receive funding to help you purchase the kart. The cost of the kart, including shipping is £3,999 (excluding taxes). You may need to fundraise a small amount locally to cover all costs, depending on your location.

You can purchase your kart directly from NudelKart and they may connect you with a local supplier in your region to make it easier. You can fill in the enquiry form here on the NudelKart website .

Get training and start using the kart

The team at Playground Ideas will provide an online training session with up to 10 educators.

You can also use these manuals to help you in ensuring that the Kart is used most effectively:

Loose Parts Play Manual

Nüdel Kart supervisor / educator manual