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ChangeX partners with social innovators to connect them with local changemakers and funding to scale proven ideas globally.

We focus on achieving positive impact around climate, education, inclusion and health challenges in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Some ideas that have scaled

Learn about social innovators that have scaled their idea with ChangeX



  • Country of origin Ireland
  • Countries scaled to 3
  • Funded communities 84
  • Funds distributed €81,100
  • Reported beneficiaries 3,447
The City Needs You

The City Needs You

  • Country of origin Brazil
  • Countries scaled to 7
  • Funded communities 19
  • Funds distributed €59,500
  • Reported beneficiaries 685
Urban Thinkscape

Urban Thinkscape

  • Country of origin United States
  • Countries scaled to 8
  • Funded communities 61
  • Funds distributed €343,300
  • Reported beneficiaries 10,657

Note: numbers are as of 2022.

How it works

  • 1 Agree partnership goals with ChangeX
  • 2 Onboard idea to the ChangeX platform
  • 3 Scale idea in new communities
  • 4 Track impact data and growth
  • 5 Connect with a diverse network of partners


We work with social innovators at all levels of development to achieve their scaling goals.

As a committed partner, ChangeX will enable you to:

  • Increase your impact
  • Localise in new regions
  • Access funding
  • Improve impact measurement
  • Build more connections
  • Boost brand awareness

Our funding partners

Microsoft AWS Accenture LEGO Nickelodeon PwC

Let’s scale your idea

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We work with social innovators that have:

  • 1
    Demonstrated impact

    Your idea has been tried and tested, and its ability to strengthen communities is clear.

  • 2
    Strong scaling potential

    Your idea has the potential to scale regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • 3
    Easy to replicate

    Your idea can be packaged and distributed online, enabling communities to replicate it.

Hear from social innovators

  • Our work with ChangeX has significantly influenced our thinking as an organization, reminding us that we are not married to one single way of replicating. We care about quality and impact.

    Dina Buchbinder
    Dina Buchbinder

    Founder, Education for Sharing

  • Through Change X, communities have been able to create their own versions of Playing with Trust, to address the particular divisions faced in each of their neighbourhoods. People we never had any contact before have been able to discover this innovation, reflect on the societies they live in, and experiment with new ways of relating to each other.

    Luis Felipe Abbud
    Luis Felipe Abbud

    Founder, Creators

  • Playworks' involvement with ChangeX has been pivotal to helping us understand the power of unleashing other people to own and share our model. We are definitely farther along the path to scale because of our partnership.

    Jill Vialet
    Jill Vialet

    Founder, Playworks