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Algo para todos

Nos asociamos con los mejores emprendedores sociales del mundo para proporcionar innumerables maneras de mejorar tu comunidad.
  • CycleBus

    Promote active travel by bike for school children by starting a Cycle Bus in your local community.

  • Grow Buddy

    Create a shared garden in your neighbourhood where people can connect to each other, nature and food.

  • Keep Sweden Tidy

    Join the movement to pick litter and keep our communities clean.

  • Arboles Frutales

    Habilita un huerto de árboles frutales para unir a las personas y reverdecer nuestros entornos urbanos.

  • Bee The Change

    Learn about pollination, beekeeping and honey harvests!

  • School Garden

    Connect children to learn about where food comes from and to explore nature.

  • Cycling Without Age

    Inicia una sucursal de Cycling Without Age en tu comunidad y proporciona a más personas la oportunidad de sentir el viento en su cara.

  • Walking School Bus

    Organize a Walking School Bus in your local area for a healthier, more fun way for kids to get to and from school.

Sweden Community Challenge

ChangeX & Microsoft have teamed up to launch a 807,500 kr fund to help you bring new community projects to your neighbourhood.

  • Sweden Community Challenge

    Apply for between 5,000 kr and 50,000 kr to help start projects in your community that promote environmental sustainability