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Щось для кожного

Ми співпрацюємо з найкращими соціальними підприємцями світу, щоб запропонувати вам незліченну кількість способів покращити свою громаду
  • Murals for Communities

    Using mural art to build and nurture creative communities

  • Books for Bright Futures

    Get beautiful Book Dash books (in English/any other official South African language) to children in your community to support their health and happiness and build their future -- all you have to do is send our book files to a copy shop or printer and they will do the rest!

  • Through A Woman's Eyes

    An art show in which female-identifying artists are the center of the event.

Cloghan Wind Farm Community Fund

  • Cloghan Wind Farm Community Fund

    Apply to start a new project or expand an existing project to improve your community near the Cloghan Wind Farm.