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Playful Street "Welcome to Playful Streets on ChangeX. We want to empower a national movement of kids and communities playing together on the street. We've put together a simple guide, based on our experience and we're excited to help you get started! Get people on board - you can’t do this alone! 2. 3. Closing your street - with help from your neighbours, local Gardai and/or local council. 4. Tell everyone - sure it’ll be no craic at all if no one knows about it! 5. PLAY!" - Neasa Ní Bhriain, A Playful City

5 Steps

Who? Someone who...

Resource Checklist


This can be a one-off event or a recurring event, it's up to you! The first one will take a bit more organising but it should be all plain sailing after that!

Get people on board - you can’t do this alone!

Make sure at least one other parent, neighbour or family is signed up to help out. It’s always good to have a second pair of hands to help, so talk to your friends and neighbours to see who’s interested.

Call into your neighbours to let them know your idea. You could set up an online message group to decide which day and time would work best. Once that’s agreed, keep messages to a minimum online and set up a smaller core team to run the event.

Designate a play space on your street. Make sure it’s reasonably traffic free, with few access points and will be welcoming to everyone.

Set your dates, confirm people’s roles and move on to step 2 :)

Register your Playful Street

Register your Playful Street here on the changex platform . This means you'll have your very own event page that you can share with neighbours and friends, you can use it to organise ahead of your event, spread the word and share photos of the day. You can get lots more tips and advice at any time over on and keep up to date with what's happening all over the country on Facebook, Twitter.

Closing your street - with help from your neighbours, local Gardai and/or local council.


Did you know you can close your street, without charge, once you have the support of your local community Garda?

Temporary road closures for minor events such as Playful Streets can be organised with the help of the local Gardai and are not processed by the Council.

In the case of small events being undertaken by Community Groups and Residents Associations in a communal space the agreement of local residents is needed. In this instance an event plan may not be needed but is always beneficial for safe running of an event.

If there are any questions, please feel free to put your local community Garda in touch with us !

Alternatively, you’ll need permission from your council to close a public road for a couple of hours. Your local council’s website will have a form to fill in. Remember to apply well in advance.

You’ll find a guide to closing your street on page 13 of the full toolkit


Playful Streets work best with the support of volunteers.

While parents remain responsible for their children, and should be reminded of that, cars moving on the street are the biggest concern for safe street play.

Two stewards should be positioned at points of access to cars (one to walk in front of cars and one to stay where they are).

The job of the steward is key for safe and enjoyable Playful Streets so be sure to talk to people directly about signing up and be satisfied that they are dependable & confident to deal with vehicles and their drivers coming onto the street.

There is more detail about briefing stewards, and a sign up sheet in the resources section and

Tell everyone - sure it’ll be no craic at all if no one knows about it!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Knock on your neighbours doors and tell them about Playful Street. Bring a flier.
  • Social media is a great way to share info and get people excited about your Playful Street.
  • Let your inner artist out and design your own invitations!
  • Make some posters and fliers and put them everywhere - including local schools, shops, creches etc. You can print templates from our website.
  • We all have a neighbour who knows everyone - make sure they know about A Playful Street too!
  • Poster & flier all the local schools, businesses, creches etc. You can go to and print templates from our website if ye like!
  • Let the kids on the street know, they’ll tell their parents :)
  • And don’t forget to tell us your story! Call us, write to us, tag us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and tell us where and why you are doing your Playful Street.

Go out and play

Remember to brief your stewards before the session starts. (You’ll find a stewards brief in the links below.

Here are a few ideas to get you started;

  • Chalk is always the answer!
  • Remember Tip the Can, Red Rover Red Rover?! Show the kids the games you used to play Hopscotch.... The whole way up the street !
  • Encourage kids to bring out their bikes, balls, scooters, skipping ropes....favourite stick
  • Chalk is always the answer!
  • Stand back adults and take some time for yourself, kids are the play experts.
  • For children, sometimes the game is figuring out the game. Leave them at it.
  • Fancy dolling the place up? -bunting !

    Capture and share all the special moments of your Playful Street ! Photos are a great way to look back and remember the good times, but they also help to get people excited about what you’re doing and can inspire others to follow your lead. Use your social media savvy, share your pics and let others celebrate your day with you - & don’t forget to link your photos with A Playful City on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can help inspire others too :) A simple video of your Playful Street will also help to encourage neighbours to get involved the next time. Be sure to share your video with us! Make sure you get permission!

    Check out your full toolkit, the resources section and for all the additional templates and info below:

    • Risk and safety plan
    • Event Management Plan
    • headings
    • Leaflet to your neighbours
    • Email/Letter to your Local Garda/Council
    • Poster and flyer
    • Information for stewards
    • Insurance
    • Useful links & resources