Climate Action Toolkit

Supporting secondary school students and teachers to engage and collaborate with their whole school community on climate action.


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Climate Action Toolkit


Climate Action Toolkit " We really enjoyed all of the graphics and the colour [of the survey report]! It was really engaging to look at. We also really enjoyed finding out the honest answers about our students' attitudes to the environment. Teacher, 2022 survey" - Cecily Etherington (Associate, InterClimate Network)

5 Steps

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Work can be done in your own time. But we recommend you undertake the project in a 5 to 6 month period.

First you need to sign up and complete your ChangeX 30 Day Challenge.

This is where you have 30 days to set up your team, have an introductory call with the one of the ChangeX team about what’s involved in your project and to ensure that you understand the Challenge Guidelines, and put together a brief project plan.

To support you in this task we have put together a one page support sheet (download here). 

At the core of the toolkit is an online Climate Action Survey developed with academic and research agency partners and informed by behavioural science. The survey ensures all students can have a say, and offers insights which empower students to motivate change.

To support students agree on a plan to reach out across their school and see how many students they can get to complete the online survey you will work through our Climate Action Survey resource pack (download here) and Spread the Word planning sheet (download here).

We recommend running the survey over a 2 to 3 week period. Throughout the survey we will keep you updated with progress.  

ICN's team analyses the data from your Climate Action Survey and provides your school with a personalised report which offers insights into:

  • what students are doing to take climate action;
  • what barriers are preventing them from taking further action;
  • what would motivate and enable students to do more.

We will provide this report within 4 to 6 weeks of the survey end date. We will also support you to share the results and key findings both within your school and more widely.     

See an example of a school's insights report here.

Follow up resources will use the survey insights to help students create targeted campaigns or initiatives that galvanise climate action in school.

The activities are designed to: 

  • apply behaviour change approaches;
  • be done in stages in your own time; 
  • used multiple times, applied to every climate action that you want to deliver; 

We know that funding is tight and working with ChangeX funders we are pleased to be able to offer £500 per school to support students implement these climate action plans.

On top of the individual work with your school, your school’s data will be collated into a national report. This report will ensure youth voices are heard, intending to inform and positively influence change whether engaging with local authority or national democratic processes. We will share back to your school the impact this report has.  

Take a look at our 2021 national report here.