Neighbourhood Network

Neighbourhood Network creates an opportunity for neighbours to connect and work together to support, strengthen and celebrate their communities


5 Step Guide to

Neighbourhood Network


Neighbourhood Network "We’ve created Neighbourhood Network to help support and co-ordinate neighbours all over the country to stay connected with each other, and in particular to those in our communities who are at risk. We want to use this time of crisis as an opportunity to build community and celebrate our neighbourhoods. " - Sam Bishop and the Neighbourhood Network Team

5 Steps

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You will need approximately 3 hours per week to build and manage your Neighbourhood Network.

Register to be an area coordinator

Area Coordinators are the individuals willing to check in on their neighbours, organise community activities and communicate what support neighbours may need during this crisis.

Registering your area will allow other neighbours in your location to discover the Neighbourhood Network in their area.

Once you’ve registered as an area coordinator, we’ll check in with you and make sure you’re all set.

Get to know the safety guidelines

Once registered, we will send you a digital pack full of resources to help you get organised and get started while adhering to the current social distancing measures. We advise you to check the HSE and Neighbourhood Network resources for up to date health and safety advice.

Get nearby volunteers onboard/recruit your team

We find the best way to reach out to neighbours is to knock on their door and send your invites. Having something like an official Tea-at-Three invite is a great excuse for you to take the trip to each door, and ensure you and your neighbours feel comfortable getting involved knowing many other communities around the country are doing the exact same thing.

You may think that making the journey up the garden path is very time consuming, but it makes a huge difference to make your neighbours feel at ease. You can then invite your neighbours to join your Neighbourhood Network here on ChangeX

Choose a community activity & location to get started

Access our our Community Activity Challenge on our website to get ideas for what activities would suit your area. An activity can be something as inviting your neighbours out for a socially distanced walk, or getting the neighbourhood’s children to decorate the street with chalk.

Connect with your neighbours and check do they need support

This is your opportunity to check in with your neighbours, build connections and see if they need support. We want to ensure as restrictions are loosened that those who are cocooning or are particularly isolated are not left behind during this time, so we must not underestimate the power of simply coming together with neighbours to share a friendly cup of tea. Ideas are shared, inspiration flows and resilient communities are formed.