Resources for starters & changemakers

Everyone who commits to starting an idea with ChangeX gets a free starter pack with some resources and surprises. So we thought, why not make some of these available to everyone in the ChangeX community?

We focused on resources you that might find helpful when kicking off your first project, such as articulating your vision and goals and finding people to join your team. We hope you find some of these useful and if you don’t, please let us know which resources and tools would make your community work easier. Or maybe you even have your own resources that you’d like to share with others.

Just send us an email to [email protected] to let us know.

What’s your story and vision?

There are lots of different reasons why people are starting and joining ideas like a Men’s Shed, a GIY group, Repair Cafés or Poetry in the Park.

It’s always good to reflect on your reasons for starting and where you’d like to take this idea. Once you’ve put down your own story, it will be easier to tell it later when you’re looking for people to join you or even for funding or sponsorship.

When you start building your team, this is also something that you could have every team member fill in and discuss.

Template for your community work - impact canvas

Download this template

Checklist: Finding people to join

Template for your community work - finding volunteers

Download the Find People template

Template: Meeting Agenda

This is a template meeting agenda for a first casual kick-off meeting to start planning for your project.

Template for your community work - meeting agenda

Download the Agenda template

Template: 30 Day goal calendar

Starting a new idea in your community can be a big commitment. But it can feel more manageable if you break it down into smaller steps and goals. When you’re starting a Community Fridge for example, the first goal might be to have an initial meeting with a group of neighbours.

There are a few steps and actions that will get you there. With our busy work and family schedules, we found that 30 days is a good timeframe to get things kicked-off, so we’ve created this 30-day calendar.

Template for your community work - goal calendar

Download the 30 Day Goal template 


How to use the calendar

Just put your main goal on top, e.g. “Host a Community Fridge kick-off meeting with 5 friends and neighbours” and add milestones and single actions to your calendar that will take you to that goal.

Milestones could be things like:

  • 3 people committed to join me
  • Decided on a date and location for the kick-off meeting

Concrete tasks could be:

  • Register with the Community Fridge Network on ChangeX
  • Tell person 1, person 2, person 3 about the idea and ask them to join me
  • Send out invites for the kick-off
  • One hour research on similar initiatives in my own and nearby neighbourhoods

Tick off the days as you go along.

Add your own resources or feedback 

If you have any feedback or would like to add your own resources that you’d like us to share with others, please let us know. Also, if you have suggestions for improvements or would like to use the templates with slight amendments, please just let us know.

Send us an email to [email protected]

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