Urban Forestry

Bring people together in your neighborhood to plant trees for the benefit of your community and the environment.

  • Fund coins green
    $4,000 per new project
  • Place green
    Locations: Arizona
  • People green
    To access funding:
    1. Complete a 30 Day Challenge
    2. Report the impact of your project

How to get involved

Time: You'll need 2-3 hours each week to get your team together, to create a project plan, to reach an agreement with your property owner and to plan your planting day. Your planting day will be one full day (in early fall).

Here you'll find the information you need to organize a tree planting in your local neighborhood. The Arizona Sustainability Alliance can help you to select appropriate trees, organize your tree planting day and advise you on the ongoing maintenance of your trees. You can apply for funding to cover the cost of your trees, tools and your tree planting day - available funding is $4,000 - which will cover approximately 25 trees.

5 Steps
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