The B!G Idea

The B!G Idea is a free 12-week creative education programme that empowers 15-19 year olds with in-demand creative thinking skills.


5 Step Guide to

The B!G Idea


The B!G Idea "Welcome to the ChangeX B!G Idea Guide! We're delighted that you're thinking about running The B!G Idea programme in your class. It's so easy to get started. We're here to help at every stage of the process so don't be afraid to get in touch!" - Fiona Byrne, Head of Education, The B!G Idea

5 Steps

Who? Someone who...

Resource Checklist


2 classes per week for 12 weeks. All resources are digitally formatted with two lessons per week. The adaptable format can be used for either a 40-minute class or a 1-hour class with teacher prompts and all lesson plans included.

Go to The B!G Idea website, click on Get Involved and fill in the necessary information.

With life being very busy, we have designed the session to be as concise as possible.

Is there a set date for the CDP session? Can teachers watch/access it at any time or must it be part of a live group training session?

The session is scheduled for 45-minutes, with the first 30-minutes covering the programme overview, timeline, lesson structure and learning resources with 15-minutes at the end for Q&A.

The B!G Idea are continually developing our content to keep it relevant and engaging for the students and teachers.

All lessons are hosted through your individual B!G Idea teacher dashboard.

A link to which will be sent by a member of The B!G Idea team to all registered teachers - all you have to do is fill out a few details and hit submit!

We will send a goodie box to all teachers and students taking part in the programme which is full of everything that you will need to run the programme. The box will include a LEGO pack for systems thinking exercises, a sketch book to capture brainstorming and reflection, all the stationary needed to engage in lessons and activities, as well as some other surprises! You and your students are welcome to add other materials to bring the classes, projects and progamme to life.

And now for the fun bit!

The lesson plans will be available on the teacher dashboard to download with everything ready and prepared for you to deliver. With built-in assessment structures and additional class materials, we have you covered. Weekly presentations include a workshop explainer video and a video interview with an industry mentor discussing the importance of a particular creative skill and how they apply that skill in their day-to-day practice. 

All you need to do now is watch, facilitate and learn!