Play Day

A playful event in communities that celebrates the skills, resources and personalities inherent to the people that live and play there.


5 Step Guide to

Play Day


Play Day "We believe everyone deserves to play. and if you're looking for a way to bring play, fun, activity, health and energy to your community our Play Day programme and how to handbooks will help you do just that. It's your turn to bring magic to your community so read the steps with a playful eye, watch the videos, laugh, smile and dream of what you can do to bring play to others. Playing is universal and something we all should experience often. Let’s play!" - Pat Rumbaugh, The Play Lady

5 Steps

Who? Someone who...

Resource Checklist


Allow 6 months to plan with the Play Committee giving approx 2 hours per month to recruit the team, assign roles, secure permissions etc. A month out from your Play Day things ramp up so allow a couple of hours twice a week to keep things on track.

Get the Handbook

From planning to implementation, the Play Day handbook will walk you through everything you need to know to organize your own Play Day for your community - we have two versions - the Play Day Handbook and the Virtual Play Day Handbook. Communities in receipt of funding through ChangeX will receive a copy of each as part of the fund allocation but those outside of those funds can still order copies here .

We ask for a small donation to cover the cost of producing and distributing the handbooks - $20 for the Play Day Handbook, $25 for the Virtual Play Day Handbook or $30 for both.

As part of the 30 Day Challenge you have access to the first 6 pages of the Play Day Handbook. After successfully completing the 30 Day Challenge and a Zoom call with Let's Play America, you will receive the full Play Day Handbook.

Build your Play Team

As fun as Play Days are, they need a team of people with different skills, contacts and perspectives to make happen and the more diversity your Play Team or Play Committee has the better! Invite teens, children and older peole to contribute - everyone can contribute and so long as there's a plan with clear roles and responsibilities, the more the merrier. We suggest you build a core team with event management, fundraising, marketing and leadership skills knowing that for some organising a Play Day may be a chance to realise they have those very skills!

Like all teams you'll need a place to meet - physically and virtually - so secure a meeting space, sign up to Zoom or the like, plan your first team meeting and get the word out. Refreshments are always a great addition so this could be a great opportunity to secure your first Play Day partner - a local food business keen to fuel the Play Day team and provide some refreshments on the Play Day itself!

Engage your local City/Council

This will be the very first action your Play Team takes as you need your local Council/City on board to make the Play Day a reality. Find out who the best person to contact in your local Parks and Recreation team (or similar) is and set up a call. Be clear about the ask - the what, why, where, who and when of your proposed Play Day and invite them to be an active partner in this community positive project. You may need a permit for your event so the sooner you find out the better.

We have found City Officials to be incredible partners who often connect us with local groups keen to bring Play to the community - they may also have budget to contribute and are important partners for the follow up to Play Day as your community is inspired to play more!

Set a Budget and Fundraise

We encourage you to be as resourceful as you possibly can and ask people to volunteer time and services to create a brilliant community Play Day event but you will also need some funding to pay for the costs of permits, insurance, sounds systems, marketing materials etc.

Establish what these costs are likely to be and then go raise the funds to cover it. You may be lucky enough to secure funding through ChangeX but if not then be realistic about the amount you need to raise and the timeline in which you need to raise it. A local business might be open to sponsoring the event or to match anything you raise through the community!

Plan and Play

The Handbooks mentioned in Step 1 contain all the information you need but you are welcome to book a call with Let's Play America for some additional help and support.

Of course the basics need to be covered but remember the main aim is to bring your community together through Play and each Play Day is an opportunity to learn something for the next one. Communication is key so be sure to engage local media in advance and give people notice of the event and think ahead - who would you like to attend so they can support the next Play Day you have in mind....

And most importantly - after all the time and energy you've put into your Play Day remember to have fun, take some time to play and when you get a minute, share photos and stories with us to inspire other communities to do the same.