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Något för alla

Vi samarbetar med världens främsta sociala entreprenörer för att ge dig mängder av sätt att förbättra ditt lokalsamhälle
  • Citizens of the Universe

    Inquiry-based online classes for displaced children, led by a dedicated team of international and Ukrainian scientists, educators, and psychologists.

  • Spreading Joy Through Books

    Get beautiful Book Dash books to children in your community to bring them joy, support their health and happiness and build their future -- all you have to do is send our book files to a copy shop or printer and they will do the rest!

  • Cosy Kindergartens

    Transforming underground shelters into cosy and playful spaces.

International Day of Play Community Fund Ukraine

ChangeX have teamed up with the LEGO Foundation to launch a $500,000 fund to celebrate International Day of Play.