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We're on a mission to make remote employment visible and available in local communities, regardless of location

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Grow Remote "Remote work has the power to radically transform our communities, but there are challenges in bringing the gap between remote work and local impact. We believe that everyone should be empowered with the tools and resources to help their local communities to thrive, and so we make what we know public." - Tracy Keogh, Co-founder of Grow Remote

5 Steps

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Advocating for remote employment should fit alongside the rest of your work and life. Dedicating approximately 4 hours a month should be sufficient time to become a brilliant Remote Advocate.

Join Grow Remote Online (GRO) to connect with thousands of remote work advocates globally. Keep engaged with thousands of other remote workers and reach out to them whenever you want.

Part of the purpose of using this platform is making it easy for Remote Advocates to find each other without any gate keepers.

You can be a catalyst and a connector to other Remote Advocates.

Join GRO now via this link.

Our Remote Advocates course gives you everything you need to know to get started into the world of remote. Register now at this link.

You will decide on your own best approach to becoming a Remote Advocate - once you know everything remote work related, we already know you’ll do great things.

In this course, we’ll give you our top tips that we've learned from 4 years doing this every single day. We'll bring you examples directly from the world’s best Remote Advocates!

Access the Remote Advocates course via this link.

If you have any issues, just ask for it via [email protected].

We are building a map of remote employment across Ireland and beyond:

It is updated every day and is creating the most dynamic data set for remote work in the world as more remote workers contribute to it.

Its purpose is to help make remote employment more visible and accessible, and you can use it to see the current state of remote near you.

The data we are gathering is vital if we are going to build a full picture of remote working in Ireland and beyond and drive real change in local communities.

So check out the map here to have a look at where remote employees are in your local area, who is employing remotely and access other useful information such as where the nearest digital hub is (currently only in Ireland).

Set Your Local Goal & Get Advocating!

When we first started our movement in 2018, we totally freewheeled. But over time, we’ve learnt that communities generally want to achieve one of three goals;

a) Help those already in their community to find employment;
b) Help repopulate their community by attracting remote workers;
c) Help remote workers to engage, participate and connect locally.

Once you set a goal, tell us via Grow Remote Online or pop us an e-mail to let us know and we’ll introduce you to other Remote Advocates on the same journey.

This is where we can share knowledge that’s unique to us as it is crowd-sourced for the community.

We have unique resources that we've developed to help our community build their remote careers.

We also have a number of templates for talks you can deliver to local schools, community groups, and businesses.

Remember that you might be eligible to apply for up to €1,000 under our Community Fund. Make your application here.

If you want to go even further and have an even greater impact in your local community, you can register for our free Local Leader Training at this link.

Send us any case studies, learnings, big wins, small wins, or stories of impact.

Please share your impact story in an email to [email protected] and include any photos, videos, testimonials. Click here to send one now!

We’ll use this for our annual report, showing how people like you are single-handedly changing the world, one conversation at a time.

Think the community needs more resources? Create them and we’ll scale them! This is how we came to be in the first place!