STEM Leaders Programme (14-16 years old)

STEM Leaders encourages learners to inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities and events.


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STEM Leaders Programme (14-16 years old)

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STEM Leaders Programme (14-16 years old) "Thank you joining us on this journey to drive the future and develop the next generation of STEM Leaders ready to address the current economic and environmental climate. " - Kathryn Holland-Heathers

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The Level 2 STEM Leaders qualification can be delivered in 35 hours. STEM Leaders will need to lead 4 hours of STEM Leadership activities, events and interactions. Our online training courses take approx. 60 minutes and are easy to access.

To be able to deliver the STEM Leaders Level 2 qualification you will need a team of delivery staff to fulfil 3 specific roles:

1. Centre Course Manager - this role oversees and manages the course. They will be the main point of contact between your organisation and the Leadership Skills Foundation. Specific online training is available to the person who takes on this role.

2. Tutor Assessor - this role is responsible for delivering the content of the qualification to your learners. You can have more than one Tutor Assessor delivering the course to the same group of learners. We provide specific online training and support videos to ensure that the Tutor Assessors are fully trained to deliver the qualification effectively.

3. Internal Verifier - this person has no active part in delivering the qualification course. Their role is to support the Tutor Assessor to ensure that they are making fair and accurate


To deliver the STEM Leaders Level 2 qualification you will need to register as a qualification centre with the Leadership Skills Foundation. As part of this process, you will receive access to Centre Hub, our online resources portal. You will then register your STEM Leaders course with us. 

You will receive further information and support on how to complete this process once you successfully complete the 30-day challenge.

Our online training is housed on Moodle - an online platform for e-learning and training. 

When you are officially registered as a delivery centre with the Leadership Skills Foundation, you will be able to access the online training and support videos.

The online training is easy to access and can be completed in your own time. The training comprises of a pre-record training video and a knowledge check at the end. We are always on hand to support you through this process.

How you recruit your STEM Leaders is up to you but the following ideas have worked well for other centres:

1. You may already have a specific group of young people in mind, which is great news! They may already be supporting you with STEM activities at your organisation and you want to recognise and reward them for their commitment and hard work.

2. This could be a completely new offer and result in lots of interest. You could ask your young people to apply to become a STEM Leader and complete an interview process. This way you can guarantee commitment to completing the qualification.

However you choose to recruit your learners, you will have 20 places available on the STEM Leaders Level 2 qualification as part of your funding. Once you have identified your learners, you will need to register them on your STEM Leaders course on Centre Hub.

Centre registered? Yes. Course registered? Yes. Training completed? Yes.

Congratulations - you can now start delivering the STEM Leaders Level 2 qualification to your learners!

We provide comprehensive tutor resources for you to access and deliver the qualification on LEAP. And your learners will have access to our online Learner Evidence Record (LER) to record their learning throughout the course.

The team at the Leadership Skills Foundation will be on hand to support you with any questions or issues you have throughout your time delivering the course. 

We cannot wait to see the change your STEM Leaders will make in the world!