We may share your personal data with third parties. For more information on the types of third parties we share information with, please see below.

1. Idea partners

In order to help spread ideas that people can replicate in their own communities we partner with social enterprises from Europe, the US and Canada. The sharing of data with these partners is based on a joint controller agreement. Both parties only use the data for the purpose of helping to spread ideas and supporting starters with the tools, knowledge, information and resources they need to be successful.

This includes sharing your contact data (name, email-address, postal address) to allow our idea partners to send you necessary information and resources to get started with your idea.

2. Current Funding partners

We share personal data like your name, profile picture, location and the motivation statement you submit with our corporate and private funders or foundations in case you apply to start an idea that is funded through our "Impact as a Service" model. We might also share content (e.g. photos or status updates) you posted to a private page on ChangeX with these funding partners.

3. Third Party Tools and services we use

We also use a number of third party tools to run the ChangeX platform and provide our services.

  • Intercom

    Intercom is our Customer Relationship Management system.

    For signed up users intercom allows us to see the core actions a user has taken on the Website such as registering to start an idea or following an idea.

    For more information, please see

  • Mixpanel

    Mixpanel gathers information about what events, actions and activities users take on the Website allowing us to understand interactions with our websites and ultimately improve the product experience and design for everyone.

    For more information, please see

  • Fullstory Fullstory records videos of users sessions on the Website. The videos are used to assist our team in solving support queries as well as understanding better how people are using the platform.

    For more information, please see

  • Mailchimp / Mandrill

    Mailchimp is used to send emails to groups of people who have either signed up to ChangeX or agreed in other ways to be contacted by us (e.g. by leaving their email addresses at an event)

    For more information, please see

  • Twillio There are instances when ChangeX sends SMS or text messages to users as prompts or reminders of activity happening on the platform (e.g. Change of event time). These messages are sent to users using a 3rd party tool called Twillio. ChangeX users data is sent to this app to facilitate this process.

    For more information, please see

  • Facebook

    We use Facebook Connect as a tool to enable existing Facebook users to log into the ChangeX app efficiently with one click. With the permission of users this app pulls basic user data from Facebook including the users name, email and profile picture.

    For more information, please see

  • Typeform

    We use Typeform for our impact tracking and other user surveys. It’s also used for submitting new ideas to ChangeX.

    For more information, please see

  • Slack

    When people register to start an idea on ChangeX or submit a request for an IaaS deal this registration is shared the whole ChangeX team through a chat platform called Slack.

    For more information, please see

  • Heroku

    Heroku is our Internet Service Provider.

    For more information, please see

  • Stripe

    Payment processing services for users on are provided by Stripe

    For more information, please see

  • AddThis

    AddThis is used on ChangeX to make it easy for users to share links to their favourite platform.

    For more information, please see

  • Calendly

    We use calendly to easily set up appointments with you if you start an idea on ChangeX.

    For more information, please see

  • Clearbit

    We use Clearbit to find a profile image associated with your email address to allow you to easily add a profile image to your ChangeX account.

    For more information, please see

4. Others

Your personal data will also be disclosed by ChangeX to: other third party service providers engaged by the ChangeX which include our legal and tax advisors, auditors etc.; and to competent authorities (including the Irish Revenue Commissioners or other tax authorities, the Companies Registration Office, the Charities Regulator etc.), courts and other bodies as required by any applicable law, a summons, a warrant, a court or regulatory order, or other statutory requirement.

Last Updated: 24.04.2020