Between April and June 2020, in response to Covid-19, a team of social innovators came together and called on people to start new projects in their neighbourhoods and households to stay home, helpful, active and connected. While restrictions have lifted, these ideas can still have impact. Please join us!

Choose a project to start or support in your community or household.
Join or setup the project. We’ll provide you with support & resources.
Stay connected and share what you do with others.

Build new communities connections

Start a project to build new connections in your neighbourhood.

Home school and Wellbeing

Start a project at home to keep yourself and your family active and creative.

More organisations we supported

You can support these organisations by donating or volunteering.

  • FoodCloud

    Accelerating support in terms of food and funding to ensure that food distribution is sustained and that nobody goes hungry during this pandemic.

  • Good Grub

    Delivering nutritious fruit & veg parcels directly to families of DEIS schoolchildren in communities across Ireland.

  • Heroes Aid

    Raising funds to provide practical supports, such as essential PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) and other resources to keep our healthcare Heroes safe as they care for us.

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