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Escolha uma ideia do portfólio abaixo para iniciar em sua comunidade, e vamos compartilhar as informações, ferramentas, suporte e financiamento para começar.

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Solicite financiamento para ajudar você a ampliar seu projeto existente ou colocar seu plano de projeto existente em ação em sua comunidade.

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Supported by Swarthmore College’s Garnet Collaborative, the Swarthmore College Community Challenge supports Swarthmore community members to build upon and expand meaningful relationships across our campus, providing a vehicle to a greater appreciation of varying perspectives and establishing trust and mutual respect and working together to create a more caring, inclusive, and empathetic campus community.

Como funciona
  • Select an idea listed below or submit your existing project and register to get your project page
  • Use your project page to complete the 30 Day Challenge
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Let us know what impact you are having in your community
Quem pode se candidatar
  • You hold an active Swarthmore College email address
  • You're passionate about building a thriving Swarthmore College community
  • If you want to scale an existing project it must address one of the following: Environment & Sustainability, Education & Access, Arts, Media & Culture, Identities, Inequality & Human Rights, or Economic Development & Leadership
O que você recebe
  • Swarthmore College will provide access to a budget of up to $500 per project to fund the delivery of your Swarthmore College Community Challenge.
  • Once you apply and begin the 30-Day Challenge, the ChangeX platform shows an automated breakdown of funding allocated or ring-fenced for you as $350 to start and $150 on completion of your project - which is cool! However, for the Swarthmore College Community Challenge 2021/22, Swarthmore will administer the $500 budget allocation internally, so check with the Garnet Collaborative Team on how to draw down the ring-fenced $500 budget for your project ([email protected]).

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Selecione uma ideia que você quer iniciar em sua comunidade

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Tem sua própria ideia ou projeto existente? Explore os critérios do desafio e envie seu próprio projeto para financiamento.

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The Swarthmore College Community Challenge is an opportunity for Swarthmore College community members to come together to work on a project that they are passionate about and ultimately build College relationships. We’re excited to support local action across Swarthmore College communities worldwide and to see the collective impact we can have in building a healthier, more connected community.

- Denise Crossan (Director of Community and Strategic Initiatives, President’s office, Swarthmore College)
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