Accenture Sustainability Challenge

€34,550 | Island of Ireland
Bring proven ideas to your community

Proven ideas and funding for your community

Accenture will help you to start a new project in your community. This €35,000 challenge is dedicated to helping you build thriving and sustainable communities wherever you live across the island of Ireland.

How it works
  • Apply below and register to get your project page
  • Use your project page to complete the 30 Day Challenge
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Once you're active let us know what impact you are having in your community
Who can apply
  • You want to start a ChangeX idea to improve your local community
  • You're passionate about building a thriving community where you live in Ireland
  • You are an individual, an existing local group or a community organisation
What you get
  • Seed funding to start your selected idea
  • Free starter resource pack, mentorship and technology tools to get started
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social impact of your active project

Explore ideas

Choose an idea to start in your community. See terms & conditions.
This fund has closed for applications. You can still start ideas without funding, or check for other live funds in your area.
  • Small Pocket Forest

    Plant a Pocket Forest of 25sqm (5mx5m) in your garden, community or school (Leinster region only)

  • Plastic Free 4 Kids

    Empower the kids in your primary school to become plastic free ambassadors in your local community.

  • Community Fridge

    Start a community fridge in your community to share good food that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Pollinator Plan

    Support biodiversity in your local community with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

  • Repair Café

    Organise a free meeting place in your community to repair things instead of throwing them away.

  • Open Orchard

    Organise an Open Orchard to bring people together, provide free fruit to local residents and green our urban environments.

145 people have already joined the

Start something today

“The Accenture Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for individuals to come together to create more resilient, engaged and sustainable communities, while accelerating the transition to a greener economy at a national and local level. Communities hold the power to be catalysts for real change and, as a business operating in Ireland for over 50 years, we believe that one of the most important things we can do is engage and support the communities in which we live and work. As a company, we are making sustainability one of our greatest responsibilities, embedding it by design into our core business—into everything we do and for everyone we work with. To accelerate the change needed to transform our societies and economies, and to protect the planet, we need new levels of collaboration. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help local leaders play a vital part in protecting, enhancing and restoring our natural environment countrywide.”

  • Alastair Blair, Country Managing Director, Accenture in Ireland