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Support secondary school students by sharing valuable industry experience, knowledge and feedback throughout the programme


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B!G Mentoring


B!G Mentoring ""Welcome to the ChangeX B!G Idea Guide! We're delighted that you're thinking about becoming a B!G Mentor on our 2023 programme! It's so easy to get started. We're here to help at every stage of the process so don't be afraid to get in touch."" - Niamh Cooney, Head of Development and Sustainability, The B!G Idea

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With a minimum commitment of just 4-6 hours of your time in 2023 your B!G Mentoring group will join hundreds of other professionals in our B!G Community and have a real impact on our students. In February you will be asked to support student teams online with feedback and advice on 3-5 projects through our bespoke online platform (2-3 hours, flexible and online). In May we will send you a number of projects to review and grade on your dashboard and you can select a potential B!G winner (1-2 hours, flexible and online). There are lots of other ways to get involved including our B!G Showcase in May, programme development, networking and profile raising so there's something for everyone.

Email [email protected] and let us know you're applying through ChangeX and include;

  • Your name and and LinkedIn URL
  • Your 4 team members and their LinkedIn URLS


Once your challemge is completed each group member will receive an email with a link to sign up and create their individual login details to access their personalised dashboard. Once in your respective dashboard you will need to update the Mentor Categories and Preferences, add your Headshot and Bio and wait for further instructions! 

With life being very busy, we try to make the learning sessions short and concise. We hold a number of online lunch-and-learns in the run-up to February pitches

The sessions are scheduled for 45-minutes, with the first 30-minutes explaining what a B!G mentor is, showing you what students do each week, illustrating how the dashboard works and showing you some sample projects and feedback/grading guides with 15-minutes at the end for Q&A.

If you can't make it don't worry we will provide a recording to watch in your own time and you can always book a call with one of the B!G Idea team to run through everything.


Once you have signed up to your dashboard you'll get an email confirming your signup for our Mentor newsletter. Every two weeks we'll send you updates on everything B!G Idea.


Our B!G Mentors provide a vital link between our students, their communities and Industry. You can get involved as much or as little as you want, whatever way suits you best. 

Through your personal dashboard we provide you with all the tools you need to display your involvement on social media with a (literal) badge of honour! You can collaborate, connect and learn with like-minded peers in a curated community space with exclusive events and networking opportunities or you can help us shape the future of The B!G Idea and get involved in developing the programme and further supporting students. 

We encourage each B!G Mentor to shape their own experience!