LIVE: Niantic Sustainability Challenge Apply
LIVE: Niantic Sustainability Challenge Apply

Project Drawdown

The purpose of the partnership between ChangeX and Project Drawdown is to increase the adoption of climate solutions at a local community level. We’ll work together to identify, package, and support the spread of the best community-based solutions; providing community leaders with the ideas, support and resources they need to activate and have an impact.
  • GIY

    Get together with people in your community and share the joy of growing your own food.

  • Slow Food

    Connect the pleasure of food with a commitment to your community and environment

  • Open Orchard

    Organize an Open Orchard to bring people together, provide free fruit to local residents and green our urban environments.

  • Walking School Bus - Ireland

    Organise a Walking School Bus: A healthier, more fun way to get to and from school.

  • The Last Plastic Straw

    Start a grassroots campaign to reduce and eliminate wasteful plastic straws from our communities.

  • Bee Friendly Farming

    Promote pollinator health on your farm and receive recognition and consumer support for it.

  • River Cleanup

    A community based initiative aiming to clean and maintain local rivers

  • Playground Ideas

    Build a playground wherever you are, using local tools, materials, and skills