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World Savvy "Congratulations on your commitment to global education! Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to deeply engage your students in a global issue about which they’re passionate, and along the way, build skills critical for their future success in more diverse communities, workplaces and in a more interconnected world. We’re inspired by the stories we hear from teachers about how World Savvy Classrooms gives them the tools to inspire their students, and impact their learning and growth. We hope you’ll join us and become a part of World Savvy Classrooms!" - Dana Mortenson, Co-Founder and Executive Director, World Savvy

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The program spans the academic year but you can begin to engage at any time. Introductory training will take place in October / November of the new academic year and you can begin preparing right away!

See World Savvy in Action

A perfect opportunity to see World Savvy in action is its annual Festival! This is the culminating event where the students engaged in the program showcase the work they've done.

Here's a taster of what it looks like:

WORLD SAVVY FESTIVAL - 2016 from World Savvy on Vimeo.

If you're interested in coming along to see World Savvy in action, the Festival takes place on May 12th! Sign up here to attend

Attend a 2 Day Teacher Intensive

World Savvy offers a series of Professional Development sessions throughout the school year. Our professional development workshops are organized as strands that can be implemented over several workshops or can be a stand-alone workshop. Professional development strands include:

Integrating Global Competence into the Classroom

Global Competence and Project-Based Design

Assessment and Feedback for Global Competence


Explore the Resources

Every three years, World Savvy selects a theme to frame student learning and projects. This approach adds depth and focus to student work, and guarantees that learning is relevant and current. World Savvy’s 2013-16 theme, Population & Progress, helps students explore how a growing population defines progress, analyze the evolving nature of our collective challenges, and develop innovations that address these issues.

Learn more about the Population & Progress Theme here

The World Savvy Program Toolkit has a detailed suite of resources, these will be a very important reference point for both you and your students throughout the academic here. Take a look the resources here

This short video will give you an idea of the types of projects classes work on.

Maggie - Student Project from World Savvy on Vimeo.

Sign up your Classroom

World Savvy Classrooms is a year-long program that supports educators to build their students’ global competence through project-based learning and arts integration. World Savvy works with educators to design a customized program tailored to their curriculum and unique classroom environment that engages students in thinking critically and creatively about the theme of Population and Progress. All students then have the opportunity to present their work at a Spring Festival, a state-wide showcase of the the students' work.

The program fee is $1,500

The program consists of the following:

  • 2 full day workshops
  • 3 hours of 1:1 consultation with World Savvy Staff
  • 2 student workshops facilitated by World Savvy Staff
  • 3 hours of curriculum support
  • Access to all World Savvy resources
  • Student participation in the Spring Festival
  • Professional development workshops:

Kick-off workshop - This workshop will introduce new World Savvy Classrooms teachers to global competencies, and how those competencies can be used to explore the theme of Population and Progress in the classroom. For returning teachers, this workshop will take a deeper dive into Population and Progress, as well as World Savvy's educational approach.