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Teaming up with teachers to learn about social emotional skills through play


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Education for Sharing


Education for Sharing "Welcome to this fantastic dream we have been shaping and transforming into reality with thousands of teachers that have changed the lives of millions of children and their families. We have shared our simple but powerful methodology to help teachers in their practices. Through games and physical activities, we have connected with children in their natural language to transform them into change agents. I invite you to dream together and find how we can transform children's reality and practice the social-emotional skills so necessary to reconstruct the social fabric. Welcome, and enjoy!" - Dina Buchbinder Auron, Founder and President of E4S

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The program is 6 months with 8 sessions implemented once per week. There are also special sessions with the school community. Each session is 1.5 hours and can be adapted according to the schools' needs.

Organize the teachers of your school and contact the education team to share (E4S) to start the introduction and training in the program. You can contact the following emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] always with a copy to the mail [email protected]

During this introductory meeting, the E4S team will share an institutional presentation that you can later use as a resource to present it to other teachers as well as during the implementation with your students and students. The objective is that all participants completely understand the potential value of the program at school.

Once everyone is on board and excited about the idea, they will organize with the E4S team with respect to the date and time they would like to start online training and how they will carry out this process.

Complete E4S Online Training

You and the teachers in your school can work together through the comprehensive training materials that will allow you all to develop the knowledge and the necessary skills to replicate the Education for Sharing’s methodology with the students in your school. You will need 16-20 hours to complete this training and you will be invited to a Google Classroom where you will have access to all the relevant materials and support from the E4S team

This document provides a description of online training. During this time, the E4S team will support you to make sure you feel safe before working in each of the modules with the teachers of your school.

Implement E4S activities with your students

When you finish the E4S training you will now be able to replicate your acquired knowledge with your students by implementing the following program and activities:

Sports for Sharing (S4S): Is a civic and educational program with the purpose of forming conscious, proactive and committed citizens with their environment. Using the power of play and sports, S4S promotes civic values – gender equality, teamwork, tolerance, respect, empathy, responsibility and fair play – encouraging the practice of healthy living habits such as: healthy nutrition, hygiene habits and the practice of sport, which have positive effects on physical and mental health. The program will run for 6 months where the following stages are implemented by teachers to engage community participation and achieve the established goals:

  • Sport sessions: Teachers carry out E4S’ sessions with their students.
  • Family session: S4S invites the parents and family members to learn about the program and participate in a sports session.
  • Ambassador Session: An athlete visits the schools to share their experiences about the importance of practicing sports and maintaining physically active.
  • Community session: Children share with the school community the results of the S4S implementation. Children share their favorite games and reflections and projects they developed during the program to foster physical and social wellbeing.
  • Impact evaluation: The evaluation of S4S is based on input and output surveys. Under this model, information is collected at the beginning of the implementation in order to have a baseline that allows to know the starting situation of students in relation to the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors on which change wants to be generated. At the end of the program, input and output surveys are compared in order to identify the results attributable to the intervention.

Share results and experiences

Take photos, videos, interview students, parents and the community about the implementation of the E4S program and share it with your network.

Adapt E4S methodology to your pedagogical practice

Core to the E4S model is the principle of lifelong learning. Without the need to be in a classroom, the E4S methodology empowers physical, social, cognitive and emotional skills, all of them crucial to have personal and professional growth. E4S training strategy focuses on preparing teachers and leaving instilled capacities so that they are able to execute the methodology long after the training is finished.

As a teacher trained in the methodology you have a huge potential to replicate, because you can use E4S's model with new students, therefore helping in the formation of countless generations of change agents.