My Mini Growing Space

Create your own 'mini' woodland & edible teaching garden! For schools, churches, libraries, communities centres and groups!


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My Mini Growing Space


My Mini Growing Space "Here is how KICKSTART My Mini Growing Space...let's go!" - Pascale Rochefeuille

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There is a minimum time commitment of 2 to 5h a week (depending on which stage of the project you are in). Please ensure that 1 person leads the project and receives the support of at least 4 other volunteers/staff members to help share the work load and make your project move forward quicker. It is easy to get distracted or have things get in the way! We will help you get clarity and keep on track by keeping you accountable and supporting you during the 8 week programme.

This phase is your 'goal setting' and 'clarity' phase. 

This is a very important (if not the most important) stage of creating your new mini garden!

By auditing and assessing your site, this will help make an inventory of what is already available and what's not.  

Your coach expert will work with you to identify one specific and clear goal to achieve over the next 2 months with us.

We will help you remain focused on your goal and keep you accountable to increase your chance of success and completing the project by the end of the 8 weeks. 

This phase is the 'realistic' phase. We will kick it off by drawing a comprehensive - yet simple - garden design to allow you to get a visual representation of how your new Mini Growing Space will look, considering all the different elements you wish to add into your design, and what's realistically possible to do within your budget!

During this phase, children should get involved as much as possible (especially with coming up with ideas and things they would like to grow, plant, etc.) 

Once the design is agreed, we will be ready to move on to the next stage of preparation and sourcing the right material for your design. Growing Space will work through a toolkit with you to specifically meet your personal needs and requirements for your community and young children. If Growing Space has got some the material in stock, you will be able to purchase directly through us so you can get extra material. 

This stage is an exciting stage for everyone!

We will help you set up the right timeframe to ensure all materials and plans needed are followed through, to also remain focused on the original plan so that you can complete your project quickly and effectively. 

It is time to take pictures and keep some evidence of your BEFORE & AFTER mini Growing Space transformation.

Your garden is now built! Last touches and finishes.

Time to grow food and plan your first harvest day with your children. We will help you select the best seeds to grow with young children to get instant 'wins'. 

We wil also make sure you are properly trained to teach young children how to garden.