Monaincha Wind Farm Community Fund

Monaincha Wind Farm, Tipperary & 10km radius
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Pendanaan untuk komunitas Anda

Monaincha Wind Farm and Greencoat Renewables' commitment to a sustainable future extends beyond the renewable energy they generate. They strive to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of all their stakeholders, including those living close to the wind farms they own. Through this fund you can start a new project or expand an existing project to improve your community, school or neighbourhood.

Bagaimana cara kerjanya
  • Apply with your existing project to the fund
  • If your application is selected you will be allocated funding and receive a project page
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Once you're active let us know what impact you are having in your community
Siapa yang dapat mendaftar
  • You live within 10km of Monaincha Wind Farm
  • You're passionate about building a thriving community where you live
  • You are an individual, an existing local group or a community organisation
Apa yang Anda terima
  • Seed funding for your project
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social/environmental impact of your active project

Ajukan permohonan dengan proyek baru atau yang sudah ada

Punya ide atau proyek sendiri? Baca the ketentuan dan kriteria tantangan, lalu kirimkan usulan proyek Anda untuk didanai.

Pengajuan permohonan ditutup pada tanggal 30 Jun, 2024.