Why our Kids Need to be World Savvy…

World Savvy is a non-profit organisation that educates and engages youth to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens in the 21st century.

World Savvy works with K-12 students, teachers and leaders to reimagine education in a global context so that all students, particularly those who have been marginalized, can thrive in a more interconnected, interdependent global age. World Savvy Classrooms provides a model for middle and high school teachers to integrate global competence into their curriculum. It combines professional development for educators with project-based learning for students across all disciplines.


World Savvy – on the Move

World Savvy was founded in 2002 in response to a critical need for youth to acquire global knowledge and 21st century skills. From serving 90 students and 20 teachers in 2002 to now reaching more than 405,000 youth and nearly 3,000 teachers, World Savvy is steadily spreading throughout the US education system.

The Impact of World Savvy on Students

Since 2002, World Savvy has reached over 405,000 youth and nearly 3,000 educators. The most profound impact of World Savvy’s programs is evidenced by educator and student engagement – our programs make teaching and learning real, experiential, and relevant for a changing world. As a result, students acquire the kind of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that not only prepare them for college, career, and life in a global society, but help them identify as global citizens who are motivated to contribute as engaged citizens for our world.


World Savvy – A Leader in its Field

Today, World Savvy is a national leader and pioneer in the field – defining and leading efforts to sustainably and deeply integrate global competence into teaching and learning at all levels, and particularly for historically marginalized youth. World Savvy’s dynamic programs and services help youth in middle and high school learn how to think, rather than what to think, about critical global and community issues, which are often complex and unaddressed in school.
Its work ensures students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for global competence in the 21st century.

Want to sign up to World Savvy? Through ChangeX, you can sign up to World Savvy, and become part of a movement that’s set to change the way we see, engage with and move forward in the world. Start here…

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