#ChangeX100 – The Final Results


100 days ago, we challenged ourselves and everyone in Ireland to find 100 people or teams to start ideas from ChangeX to improve their community within 100 days. We weren’t sure if our goal was wildly ambitious or perhaps not ambitious enough but either way we knew it would be a meaningful and potentially very rewarding experience.

Today is the 100th day and the big question is: Did we make it? Drum-roll… Yes we did!

100 teams have signed up and committed to the ChangeX100 Challenge. It has been an amazing journey, a 100-day treasure hunt for passionate changemakers. We found them in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Mayo, Wicklow, Donegal and in a total of 22 counties across the country.


This means that over 20 Street Feasts have taken place, 12 new Fàilte Isteach classes are starting, 10 new schools will attend Playworks training in the Autumn, 10 new GIY Groups are getting off the ground, 9 new Men’s Sheds will open their doors as well as many many more.


Thanks so much to all of our 100 starters who have stepped up and taken the lead. We’ll do all we can to ensure you succeed and have as much impact as possible in your community in the coming months. We estimate that at the very least over 2,500 people will directly benefit from these ideas within the next 6 months and that’s all down to you! Thanks also to everyone who came to our Meetups and everyone who helped us spread the word.

Over the coming week we’ll bring you some highlights from ChangeX100, you’ll hear from our youngest starter, our very first starter, our first-time changemaker as well as the social entrepreneurs behind the ideas.

We’d also love to hear back from everyone who has been a part of ChangeX100, please share with us how you’re getting on, pictures of your teams and the places you’re getting started.

You can share it with the Hashtag #ChangeX, leave a comment below or send me a mail – [email protected]

Photo: CC-License: CC BY, Markus Spiske / raumrot.com

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