Accenture Sustainable Community Challenge - Ireland

€70,450 | Island of Ireland

Bewährte Ideen und Finanzierung für Ihre Gemeinschaft

Accenture will help you to start a new project in your community. This €70,000 challenge is dedicated to helping you build thriving and sustainable communities wherever you live in Ireland.

So funktioniert's
  • Apply below and register to get your project page
  • Use your project page to complete the 30 Day Challenge
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Once you're active let us know what impact you are having in your community
Wer sich bewerben kann
  • You want to start a ChangeX idea to improve your local community
  • You're passionate about building a thriving community where you live in Ireland
  • You are an individual, an existing local group or a community organisation
Was Sie bekommen
  • Seed funding to start your selected idea
  • Free starter resource pack, mentorship and technology tools to get started
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social and environmental impact of your active project

Ideen erkunden

Wählen Sie eine Idee aus, die Sie in Ihrer Gemeinde umsetzen möchten. Siehe Terms & Conditions.
Dieser Fonds ist für Anträge geschlossen. Sie können immer noch Ideen ohne Finanzierung starten oder nach anderen aktiven Fonds in Ihrer Region suchen.
  • Gemeinschaftskühlschrank

    Starten Sie einen Gemeinschaftskühlschrank in Ihrer Community, um gute Lebensmittel zu teilen, die sonst weggeworfen werden würden.

  • FreshWater Watch

    Empowering individuals and communities as citizen scientists to understand, monitor, and protect their local freshwater bodies.

  • Climate Action Toolkit

    Supporting secondary school students and teachers to engage and collaborate with their whole school community on climate action.

  • Repair Café

    Organisieren Sie einen kostenlosen Treffpunkt in Ihrer Community, um Dinge zu reparieren, anstatt sie wegzuwerfen.

  • Der GreenPlan

    Die Gesellschaft zur Bewältigung des Klimawandels befähigen

  • Open Orchard

    Organisieren Sie einen offen Obstgarten (Open Orchard), um Menschen zusammenzubringen, bieten Sie Anwohnern kostenloses Obst an und begrünen Sie unsere städtische Umgebung.

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We are all more aware than ever before of the responsibility we have to address the climate and biodiversity crises. At Accenture, we have made sustainability one of our greatest responsibilities—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we believe that it will create one of the most powerful forces for change in our generation. Communities truly hold the power to be catalysts for real change. This initiative provides an opportunity for individuals to come together to create more resilient, engaged and sustainable communities, while accelerating the transition to a greener society and economy at a local and national level. We’re thrilled to be able to play a small part – through our support of the Change X “Accenture Sustainable Community Challenge” - in empowering community action in Ireland and helping local leaders play a vital part in protecting, enhancing and restoring our natural environment countrywide.

  • Deirdre Murphy, Corporate Sustainability Lead at Accenture in Ireland