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Stop Food Waste Challenge


Stop Food Waste Challenge "Welcome to the Stop Food Waste Challenge on ChangeX. We have a team of trained facilitators ready to support members of your community to take our food waste reduction challenge. The programme is short, simple, enjoyable and highly effective in helping to reduce food waste and save you money!" - Mike Holden, Stop Food Waste Coordinator

5 Steps

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The bulk of time will be spent recruiting participants and getting sufficient numbers to make the programme viable. It will depend on your circumstances and those of your target community.

Decide to host a Stop Food Waste Challenge

Congratulations! Deciding that you want to host a Stop Food Waste Challenge is a great first step in bringing this excellent programme to your community.

Check out the information leaflet in the resources section of the guide which you can download and get a better feel as to what the campaign is all about. - Resources Section

Register your team

When you register with us here on Change X, we will get in contact and walk you through what you will need to do and all of the ways in which we can support you to do it. The next three steps give an overview of the steps you will need to take but we will fill in the details as we support you at all stages of the process

Scope out provisional interest

This is where you move from being the initiator to the coordinator. As part of this process you need to guage the level of interest and find out what local supports are available to you. This will involve talking to other community activists and leaders of existing groups. It might involve talking to your local Council Environmental Awarness Officer, getting in contact with your Public Participation Network and of course canvasing your friends and neigbours. We might be able to put you in contact with people not too far away who have also coordinated the programme or similar events.

Recruit your participants

Here at Stop Food Waste we have a team of facilitators to deliver the programme but what we can’t do is organise the participants to attend. This is where the scoping out that you did in the last step will pay dividends! This step will involve publicity and networking and getting commitment from enough potential participants to ensure that there is sufficient interest for the programme to go ahead.

Coordinate delivery

You did it! You got enough people and we are ready to go! However there are bound to be a few small tasks along the way to ensure that everything runs smoothly. These might be arriving early to check that the venue is unlocked and to set the chairs up and might include arranging for local press to come along so that your community maximises the benefit from running the programme. As always the Stop Food Waste Facilitator delivering the programme will be available to support you.