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DIRECTO: Desafíos cerca de ti Aplicar

Algo para todos

Nos asociamos con los mejores emprendedores sociales del mundo para brindar innumerables maneras de mejorar tu comunidad.
  • Trade School

    Create an alternative learning community to share skills and talents in your community.

  • Open Orchard

    Organiza un Open Orchard para unir a las personas, proporcionar fruta gratis a los residentes locales y reverdecer nuestros entornos urbanos.

  • Urban Forestry

    Bring people together in your neighborhood to plant trees for the benefit of your community and the environment.

  • Pollinator Partnership

    Invite pollinators to your neighborhood by planting a pollinator friendly habitat in your garden, farm, school, park or just about anywhere!

  • Welcoming Week

    Build Common Ground in Your Community by Hosting a Welcoming Week Event.

  • The Last Plastic Straw

    Start a grassroots campaign to reduce and eliminate wasteful plastic straws from our communities.

  • FIRST LEGO League: explorar

    Dirija un programa STEM práctico en su escuela o comunidad para niños de 6 a 10 años

  • TreePlanters

    Get hands-on education and support to plant trees in your neighborhood with your neighbors.

  • Hour of Code

    Organize an Hour of Code™ and join a global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science.

  • Outdoor Club

    Adventure Beyond the Classroom

  • ¡KABOOM!

    Transforma los espacios cotidianos de tu comunidad en una oportunidad de juego para todos los niños y niñas.

  • Generation Citizen

    Teach teens how to work with local leaders and take effective political action to fix local problems.

  • Playworks

    Crea un entorno inclusivo para el juego y la actividad física en tu escuela.

  • Tiny Forest

    Start a Tiny Forest in your community to bring nature back into urban spaces.

  • Community Fridge

    Inicia un Community Fridge en tu comunidad para compartir buena comida que de otro modo se desperdiciaría.

  • Community Composting

    Divert your community's food waste from landfill, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions

  • GIY

    Get together with people in your community and share the joy of growing your own food.

  • FIRST LEGO League: descubrir

    Dirija un programa STEM práctico en su escuela o comunidad para niños de 4 a 6 años.

  • Sow it Forward

    Start a vertical school garden in your classroom to give kids access to fresh produce and to learn about growing food.

  • FIRST LEGO League: reto

    Dirija un programa STEM práctico en su escuela o comunidad para niños de 9 a 14 años

  • Play Day

    A playful event in communities that celebrate the skills, resources and personalities inherent to the people that live and play there.

  • Walking School Bus

    Organize a Walking School Bus in your local area for a healthier, more fun way for kids to get to and from school.

  • Sambusa Sunday

    Community gatherings to build bridges and overcome division

  • Ideas de Parque

    Construye un parque infantil dondequiera que estés, utilizando herramientas, materiales y habilidades locales.

  • Building School Gardens

    Use school grounds to develop a sense of place and connection to the environment for urban dwellers.

  • Welcome Dinner

    Welcome new arrivals with dinner in your community. Join a welcoming movement built around food, language and social interaction.

  • Bee Friendly Farming

    Promote pollinator health on your farm and receive recognition and consumer support for it.

  • Peace First

    Equip young people with the skills and commitment to solve problems with courage, compassion and collaboration

  • Pop Up Museum

    Bring people together in conversation through stories, art, and objects.

  • River Cleanup

    A community based initiative aiming to clean and maintain local rivers

  • Chicago River Cleanup

    Organize a river cleanup in your community or workplace and help to keep the Chicago River litter free.

  • Welcome In

    Welcome immigrants to your community through conversational English classes

  • Grow Remote

    Help to increase employment opportunities in regional areas by connecting companies, remote workers and local communities.

  • SOUP

    Host a regular micro-granting dinner to celebrate and support creative projects in your community.

  • Rooted in Cheyenne

    Cultivating a greener, healthier and more livable community by planting trees as we all stay at home

  • Recycle Across America

    Start recycling right with standardized recycling labels for your school that will help you to improve recycling and save your school money.

  • Girls Who Code

    Start a Girls Who Code Club in your community and get girls excited about coding and computer science.