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Cycling Without Age Ireland "Welcome to Cycling Without Age on ChangeX! Here you'll find the information you need to start a Cycling Without Age Chapter in Ireland. Chapters are all about reconnecting older people with their local communities. They're about new friendships, stories, adventures, getting out of the four walls and living life to the full, regardless of age. The more bikes we can get on the road, the more good lives we can build. Thanks for joining us, we're excited to have you with us! " - Ole Kassow, Founder of Cycling Without Age

5 Steps

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Resource Checklist


This will be more time intensive at the start, particularly if you need to raise funding but approximately 4 hours a week should be sufficient.

Sign the Affiliate Agreement

Becoming an Affiliate if the very first step in becoming a Cycling Without Age Chapter. As an Affiliate you are part of an international change-making movement creating life-affirming bike rides and relationships between elderly people and voluntary cycle pilots.

As a Cycling Without Age Affiliate you get access to:

  • The Community of Cycling Without Age: Both global and national networks (Podio)
  • A growing research and knowledge bank (Podio)
  • Periodic Cycling Without Age academies and training courses for staff, pilots, and instructors
  • Periodic long rides
  • Several summits per year and invitations as contributor
  • Brand Book and visual identity package
  • Online resources and support
  • Continuing education and development of strategies designed to bring Cycling Without Age to a wider audience
  • National Cycling Without Age organizations (depending on country) that provide country-specific information and services.
  • Cycling Without Age is a grassroots movement with a very small group at the Copenhagen Hub. Think of our organization as a wheel: The hub in the middle containing our dream, guiding principles and sources of inspiration – our joint purpose. The tyre is where all the fun and action takes place: Rides, cycle pilots, passengers, and interaction with the local community.
  • This is the Affiliate Agreement Form .

Build your Team

The make up of your team will depend on what type of organisation you are. If you are a nursing home or elder care facility, you'll need to engage local volunteers to ride the Trishaw. If you're a community organisation, an individual or a business, you'll need to partner with a nursing home or elder care facility so that there are older people to take advantage of the bike rides

When it comes to recruiting volunteer pilots to carry out the bike rides, local businesses or colleges and universities may be a good source. Clara at Cycling Without Age Ireland also has a database of people around the country who have expressed interest in getting involved in various ways and may be able to match you up with some people in your local area who will volunteer.

Clara will also help you train your volunteer pilots on how to safely ride the bike, help passengers get in and out etc. Pilot training happens around the country at different times to cater for new pilots.

Fundraising for your trishaw

There are a number of ways to fundraise for your trishaw and again it all depends what type of organisation you are. There are numerous examples from around the world of how different Chapters raised the funds to buy their bike.

In Ireland, trishaws have also been purchased in a number of different ways, with both corporates local sports partnerships acting as funders.

CSR Programme

To date (July 2018), six companies have agreed to sponsor CWA bikes in Ireland, donate them to the nursing/care home of their choice and send their staff as pilots as part of their CSR programmes. Several other companies have also expressed similar interest. The first corporate-sponsored trishaw bike in Dublin is at Sybil Hill Nursing Home in Raheny, with two more company-sponsored bikes on the way. In Cork, there are two corporate-sponsored bikes in Cork City and a community-sponsored bike in Clonakilty. The model definitely works, both for the corporate and for the local community.

Dublin: Canada Life Re-Insurance sponsored two Dublin bikes, one at Sybil Hill Nursing Home in Raheny, and a community bike at St. Anthony’s Church, Clontarf. Hidden Hearing sponsored a bike at TLC Care Centre, Santry. Zendesk sponsored the bike at Bellvilla Community Hospital, South Circular Road, Dublin 8.

Some other examples of how bikes are sponsored in Ireland:

Co. Waterford: Bike sponsored by Waterford Sports Partnership, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford and Health Ireland.

Co. Sligo: Bike sponsored by Sligo Sports Partnership and Healthy Ireland.

Co. Leitrim: Two bikes, sponsored by Leitrim Sports Partnership with grant aid from Healthy Ireland.

Co. Wexford: Bike sponsored by Wexford County Council and Healthy Ireland.

Order your bike

Cycling Without Age work with Copenhagen Cycles, a highly experienced manufacturer of the specially designed Trishaws.

Copenhagen Cycles is a purpose-driven company that is the authorized bike distributor for approved Cycling Without Age trishaws from Nihola and trioBike. By purchasing approved Cycling Without Age trishaws through Copenhagen Cycles, you directly help Cycling Without Age give seniors around the world the wind in their hair.

You can check the prices and delivery costs for North America : right here

Get Started

After you have bought your bike, received it, learnt how to operate it, trained your pilots and have organised a location, storage, insurance etc. You'll be ready to really get your chapter off the ground. Clara at Cycling Without Age is here to help you a lot of this. You can get in touch with her directly - [email protected]