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Create with Anything is a collection of how-to guides and activity ideas that invites children to turn things found around them - like paper, plastic bottles, cardboard or discarded materials - into learning through play opportunities.


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Create With Anything Hub "" - Nimah McKenna, Creator in Chief

5 Steps

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Starting your Create With Anything Hub will take a couple of hours over a couple of weeks. That's loads of time to let people at your group know fun times are ahead, download the resources, get your Create Starter Kit (a handy list of suggested items is also available - you've enough to be doing, leave the lists to us!), gather the materials from around and about and last but not least switch seeing things as functional to fun. We'd love you and yours to take the time to learn new skill and repurpose household items every week so suggest one hour on a weekly basis to check out a new how to guide and see just how able you are to create with anything. We bet you won't stop at an hour....

Lots of designs and how to guides are available for your to print and share with your group.

We want you to use everyday materials but having a starter kit means you can make the most out of all that cardboard, paper, bottles and string! All items need to be child friendly and both safe and easy for little humans to use - glue, scissors, tape, markers etc. are the tools you'll need and we've created a handy list of items for you here.

Its like putting on a new pair of glasses - you'll see things through a whole new lens and nothing will look the same again. Cereal Boses, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, string, twine, plastic bottles, straws, rubber bands - you name it, you can use it. Get a box and start to gather those items you used too things as waste and leave it at your club hub for others to ad their material to.

Gather your crew, put on some tunes and create with anything.