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Ideas comprobadas y financiamiento para tu comunidad

Nickelodeon believes in the power of kids to create change in themselves, their communities, and the world. Nickelodeon’s Our World helps kids realize their agency and become the changemakers our communities need. This fund, supported by Nickelodeon, is dedicated to empowering kids with resources and support to bring to life projects that might otherwise go unfunded. To celebrate Earth Day, we are accepting applications for projects related to environmental sustainability throughout April and May. Working with a grown-up co-leader, kids will actively lead these projects and have the chance to shape their communities for the better.

Cómo funciona
  • Together, as a team of kids and grown-ups, select an idea listed below or submit your existing project and register to get your project page
  • Use your project page to complete the 30 Day Challenge
  • Submit a photo and your action plan
  • Let us know what impact you are having in your community
Quién puede aplicar
  • Your project team has a grown-up and a kid co-leader (aged 6-13)
  • Kids are actively involved in the selection, design, leadership and activation of the project
  • As the lead applicant, you are at least 18 years old
  • You are passionate about empowering kids and helping them shape the future of your community
  • Your project will take place in the US
Lo que obtienes
  • Seed funding to start your selected idea or start your own project
  • Free starter resource pack, mentorship and technology tools to get started
  • Additional impact funding, once you report back on the social impact of your active project

Explorar ideas

Elige una idea para comenzar en tu comunidad. Ver los términos y condiciones.
El plazo para presentar solicitudes en este fondo ha cerrado. Aún puedes iniciar ideas sin financiación o buscar otros fondos activos en tu área para llevarlas a cabo.
  • Reciclando en América

    Comienza a reciclar correctamente con etiquetas de reciclaje estandarizadas para tu escuela que te ayudarán a mejorar el proceso de reciclaje y ahorrar dinero.

  • International Coastal Cleanup®

    Ready to #SeaTheChange and organize your own cleanup?

  • Jardín escolar Eartheasy

    Desde la creación de un comité de jardinería hasta la organización de un "día de excavación" en toda la escuela, aprende a crear un huerto escolar para educarse, comer y divertirse.

  • Lunch Out of Landfills

    Through waste sorts, Sharetables, and education around composting and waste management, students make their school a centre of changing norms around food waste and food redistribution with the guidance of a Staff Champion who receives a stipend and support every step of the way.

  • Neighborhood Forest

    Cultivar el bosque de interior: construir, compartir y cuidar plantas de interior

  • Arboles Frutales

    Organiza un Arboles Frutales a para unir a las personas, proporcionar fruta gratis a los residentes locales y reverdecer nuestros entornos urbanos.

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At Nickelodeon it has long been our mission to support and empower kids to take an active role in making positive change in their communities. Through the Nickelodeon Our World US Community Fund, we're delighted to help create a movement of kids joining forces with adults to address important community concerns.

Jean Margaret Smith
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Nickelodeon