Cloghan Wind Farm Near Neighbour Payments

Within 1.36km of the turbines

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Cloghan Wind Farm and Greencoat Renewables' commitment to a sustainable future extends beyond the renewable energy they generate. They strive to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of all their stakeholders, including those living close to the wind farms they own.

  • As part of the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS), neighbours living within 1.36km of the Cloghan Wind Farm are entitled to a Near Neighbour payment of €1,000 per household.
  • One payment per occupied dwelling within 1.36km of the Cloghan Wind Farm
  • In a rental situation, the tenant rather than the owner should receive the payment
  • The Near Neighbour should be one nominated adult resident within the household (in a shared rental situation, the tenants should nominate one from among them)
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  • Complete the form at the bottom of this page
  • You will be asked to provide the following documents, so please have them ready: Proof of identity, Proof of address, Proof of Tenancy//Ownership/Primary Occupier, Tax certificate, Proof you are the nominated resident or tenant if this is not your principal residence, and Bank details (on bank headed paper)

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